Are You Fishing the WRONG HOOK?!? Bass Rigging SECRETS REVEALED!

If you fish soft plastic lures for bass, you are likely FISHING THE WRONG HOOK! If you want to catch more bass, learn these secret rigging techniques and learn to select the right hook for each situation. There’s more to selecting the right hook then just picking the right shape, there’s also gauge and gap size to consider among other things. All the secrets will be revealed in this 42- minute how-to instructional video for how to fish the right hook, rig your soft plastic correctly, and ensure you’re landing as many bass as possible. Ike covers the Neko rig, Texas rig, Carolina rig, dropshot and more!

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  1. Hooks, rigging, the size of the weight used and line size make more of a difference then most people realize.Good video Ike.

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