Back at Home Jerkbait fishing in Southern California

Today features our friend special guest Dave DeLucca as Oliver returns home to Southern California. Visiting one of his favorite lakes from the mid to late 2000’s, the guys have a good time taking turns whacking largemouth bass on jerkbaits in sustained 10-20mph winds. Fantastic reaction bait conditions, but terrible for audio so we apologize. Part 2 with some deep insight from Dave Delucca the Agave and Jerkbait aficionado himself so make sure to stay tuned to the channel!

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Video has become one of the most valuable learning tools in fishing, as important to learn from as watching “tape” is in any sport. The only thing that beats it is actually LIVING it.

Tackle Breakdown-

Megabass Orochi XX Ronin Spinning Rod

Spinning Reels (3000 size)

Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jerkbait


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