Bass Fishing Diamond Valley Lake in a Rental Boat!!!

Hope you guys enjoy this video! It started off with little guys, but then it was super cool to catch a bigger fish at the end. Make sure that if you fish this place, use LIGHT drag because of all the structure that frays your line, and fish deeper water during the day. And lastly, fish slow. Thank you for watching and my gear will be down below:

Rod/Reel: Fenwick Eagle 6’6″ Medium + Shimano Sienna 2500
Line: 6lb Seaguar Red Label
Baits/Rigs: Wacky rig 4 inch Yamamoto Senko in Baby Bass color, drop shot pink Roboworm.
Hooks/weights: Owner size 2 mosquito hooks. For the dropshot I just used two splitshots at the bottom so that if my weight gets stuck, it just slides off instead of snapping.


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