Bass Fishing in Pisa

Hi guys as you can see we are in Pisabecause we going to fish with Nicholas in a small lake near of here. . . how was it?look’s good!Do you come and take a picture while I’m holding up the tower???Fuck!Hello everyone and welcome to Tenuta Isola, near Pisabesides being an international horse racing center is a lake where I conduct a guide service with bass boatand where you can practice all kinds of fishingahahahaha! You have exaggeratedWe are using a 4-inch Shrimpwe mount it with the classic texas rigand we stop the weightWe were fishing with a 1/2 oz and a shrimp and this nice fish came to see usI told you it was big because he did a mega bite . . . Look what beautiful fish guys!Then take them in this way and with this hot ! Really Nice!We are still fishing with the texas rig with 1/2 oz weight. with a long baitand we fish on external structures of 5/6 m depth: Trees, Grass, etc. Really very nice!I have it big!Good Fishapprox 2 Kg weightcatched on a 5-meter-deep structurewe free this beautiful fish

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