Bass Fishing Lake Temescal with the Phenix Feather and KastKing Assassin. YouTube 1k Sub GiveAway!

some communalthe fishing department’s over here I
gotta go to the fishing department Iwhoo oh look at all these Phoenix rides
you guys these are all Phoenix rodsright here what holy moly look at this
hope these are all Phoenix rods toothese are all the saltwater ones right
hereincredible I guess this is the place to
get Phoenix rods you guys hey how youdoing buddy
so I’m looking for a phoenix featherheavy okay I think you guys got one in
stock I called the other day oh right onnice 15 to 35 Wow super light well you
know you can’t find this anywhere rightnow so it was all this ordering at once
but they did it for mostly the show so alot of places are out because of that
and there’s no manual yeah I calledabout every shop and no one has on yeah
so and that’s swimbaits large swimbaitsobviously three ounces math not anything
with a b16 lord swimbait or anythinglike that okay nine big lures big fish
yeah what’s your name bro Stefan StefanTed nice to meet you
sold I have two nice now I can use thisfor saltwater too right
so water yeah the only critique on thatis because it’s a little bit it’s more
freshwater base you want to take morecare of it you know obviously spray off
stuff you know every time you go out butmore about you the the featherlite’s are
more of a lake kind of inch or seriesrod but I see guys that have used it for
sharpers yeah striper stuff like thatit’s not gonna corrode just make sure
rinse it allyou’re gonna rinse it off rinse it off
you take you know it’s $50 real and youwash it off all the time it’s gonna last
a long time you know thank you have agood day
yo guys what’s up man got my new phoenixrod I’m pretty stoked about this got a
that guns fishing and other stuff inDublin let’s goyouyouyouyou hold them down boss you’re holding
it down all you do oh thanks bro heyright now what’s your name in burning
burning we actually two masters gankMasters on YouTube okay I’ll check that
out but I’ll say what’s up hey once yousay what’s up dude I’m rolling right now
and give yourself a shout-outyou know we Derek masters you fishing
all the bay area waters you love fishingright now sleeve cos season to try to
hit those leap yeah trying to get outthere get some over rockfish
we know that the Schreiber is and thehalibut are in the bay right now but you
know what it’s still Sturgis in spaceyou know yeah there you go man here’s a
fishing keyoh man you’re too kind man you take a
YAG master my god man yeahyo what’s up guys so I ended up picking
up two sets I picked up the Phoenixextra heavy paired that up with a cast
King speed demon and I also picked upthe Phoenix
medium heavy paired that up with a castKing assassin both these setups are
excellent this cast came speed demon isa true speed demon with a nine point
three point one speed gear ratio thissetup the Phoenix the phoenix feather
medium heavy with the cast King assassinwow it’s all I can say super light the
real waist five point seven ounces andyou know this rod really feels like a
feather it really lives up to its namesensitivity of this rod is incredible
what I especially like is this exposedblank underneath the reel you can feel
every nibble every Rock every bush whenyou place your hand or your finger in
that area this rod is incredible PhoenixI’m pretty impressed with the quality of
your rods and the sensitivity of therods tasking I’m pretty impressed with a
quality build that you can provide forthe price point the community has been
awesomeand when I do run into guys out on the
lakes you guys are so great I getnothing but positive vibes and positive
comments from you guys because you guysencouraged me to keep putting these
videos on and it really does it pushesme to make more videos and better videos
it’s like a time machineI can’t remember every time I go fishing
but the videos I do put up therememorable times for myself and I’d like
to share it with you guys when we reach1,000 subscribers I’m gonna give a
phoenix feather away and an assassinaway if you’re a local subscriber that
wins this I would love to meet up withyou and hand you this directly and say
thank you so yeah you know we’re gonnagive this away at a thousand subscribers
so when we reach a thousand subscribersI’m gonna use a youtube comment random
selector online to select the winner youhave to have a comment on this video
like this video and be a subscriber tobe eligible to win this in the next
couple of Bass videos I’m gonna givethese away and you simply need to
comment in those bassett videos thesesubscriber and also like those videos
and I’m gonna randomly pick a winnerfrom those videos so make sure you’re
subscribed make sure you like thosevideos and make sure you comment on
videos we’re gonna go ahead and selectthe winners one for each of those videos
coming up so make sure you’re on thereyou guys okay so in conclusion tell a
friend man tell a friend about thischannel share this video with your
friends and family I really appreciateit and if you see me out on the lakes
roll up and say what’s up say hi so youguys again thank you um but there’s a
I’m at the lake and yo I’m gonna gofishing now dude so catch you guys later
peaceyeah you got a bunch right I know I
should have gone there firstI usually go there but there are they
are they hidden I was like do you seethat when I was talking but you got like
$18 what timedamn dude that’s when I came and I just
got stuck over here with this femaleover there shut down that’s not a vet
I’d just nibbling at it I’m smashingyeah it’s on
yeah baby yeah yeah that’s your man yeahthis bass guys yeah Edna you were
popping ityeah maybe it’s the sameyeah might be the same guysure
man bitin dudeoh we got off touch oh damn damnthat’s you – gotcha gotcha kid yeah baby
gotcha whoogot one another one
boo yeah babyfireyeah man another Dinka Dinka roni the
dink stir what you get up on dude wasyou get him onoh you’re kidding me bro you guys hey
you guys want to be on YouTube yeah yeahsuper duper dude you clock this and
you’re on YouTube right now bro and giveyourself a shout-out what’s your name
yo what’s up guys we got this homeboyfrom Oakland getting a fatty what’s your
name bro Trevor what’s up Trevor heywhat’s your YouTube channel bro give
yourself a shout-out toke frog smellthat out for me broalright hey now you’re on SuperDuper
outdoors brothat’s some that’s a hog bro that is a
ha congratulations man whoo yeah thereyou go guys these are the guys right
here killing ityeah boy put it back here you go hey man
that cost us far just across herebelieve itoh come on come on baby yeah on the Frog
yeah babywhoop here on the Frog bro yeah come
here till you see me surf that guy inyeah what’s up yeah ha ha just pop it
over here today yo on the Frog guys onthe Frog what’s up with that whoo yeah
baby here we goand then using that Hooksett there you
go little dinkar still fun tinker’sstill like to have fun camera was off –
can you believe ityo guys little dinky on the Ussery and
camera was off first cast on that usery- oh my goodness
camera was off whateverhey what’s up was going down baby what’s
up man how you doing oh you’re killingit
you’re killing it he’s Mackin is frickinFriday dude and be planted
good to see I knew this was gonna be youout here on that second dinkar do the
first casts out dude that was a rushwell things are popping over here oh
look at that hook set dude out poursyour super duper bro I’m not super duper
I’m just learning like you guys and it’spopping over here the shows Freddie the
showoh fish on Freddie what you got there
Freddie little baby man you’re gonna beon like there you go man I thought the
season was close dudethey’ve put a thousand pounds and is
what they did man double hookup doublehookup whoa who’s this kid Lou this guy
just surf hey hey surfing that in browhat’s upwow you guys you guys on fire
look at this guy yeah what’s up giveyourself a shout-out first one right
there man Timmy’s on fire right now themascot to MIT to misko okay how do you
pronounce it whatsit correct okay what’sthe correct pronunciation for for this
Lake ten Moscow is not Temescal you guysshould come on my video and correct me
oh did you see that did you see thatdude dude I just he just missed it oh
damn that was very dude I saw I saw thesilver underneath this valley oh yeah
I’ll give a minute and give him a minutedude wait hold on hold on there you go
you got one dang man hey give yourself ashout-out to bro
it’s the catfish Freddie aka YouTubechannel is all fish all Freddie fish
also ready catch it all I catch it allcatch it all fish all Freddie
that needs a YouTube channel and we’lluse some random kid at the darkman lit
all this power babe man please randomfish killer looking whistle with all
that going on what’s that over thereyeah hold your string up broyouoh dang right onyou

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