Bass Fishing on my Kayak at Lake Chabot.

Michonne Oh Oh going for a ride guys
it’s a fattyhey what’s up guys let’s not forget
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description below make sure you guyswatch that video for more details
we’re over 500 subscribers now thank youguys I really appreciate you guys
subscribing and watching my videos let’skeep this going let’s go let’s go let’s
share this with friends and family andlet’s get to 1,000 we can do it guys
let’s get to the next video guys on thisday I go fishing for bass for the first
time on my kayak at Chabot Watch a sidehook on to my PB I get towed and have a
lot of fun on this day let’s go guyslet’s go fishing
so raccoon points over this wayand there’s these two leaves right here
so the tide and the wind’s coming thisway so I’m simply just drifting and
trying to control myself with a paddleor the trolling motor but you know the
drift is pretty quick pretty open righthere here’s a bunch of two leaves and a
lot of structure here probably I’m gonnago back and do this again let’s go back
where we were and drift in there we goguyscome on yeah oh yeah baby yeah yeah fish
oh yeahdan first one it’s a bow yeah not first
one but what yeah this out guys yeahthere you goyeah number two man number two took me a
minuteyou can never get the second camera on
on time guysnumber two guys number twothat was cool dude oh man cool trick browell I got one on dude fish on
dang it’s a big one dude yeah babyfish on Oh Oh going for a ride guys it’s
a fatty going for a ride oh oh it’s abig one oh snap oh snap come here baby
it’s a fatty woo let’s go oh let’s gowhoa we’re going for a ride let’s land
this guy yeah babywow wow dude wow what a beast
what a beast what a beast holy moly guyswhat’s up with that whoa yeah baby whoo
dang look at this beast guys whoo yeahwhat a monster look at that whoa what a
toad let’s get a weight on this guyquick yeah dang dude this is my biggest
piece is my biggest bass ever zero itout yeah big one whoo three point 3. 8
3. 8 almost four pounds guys three pointeight yeah baby photo time let’s gowhat a monster whoowhat a monster dude oh my goodness oh my
goodness oh my goodness it won’t fit inthe frame
holy smokes guys what a beastokay we’re gonna let him go yo what’s up
guys we just hooked onto this beastright here 3. 8 pounds I’m gonna let him
go yeah that’s right fish ondid it kneeling on my kayak to van
what’s up with that didn’t even need anet huh wow that was coolclear that man on the wacky on the wackyyou

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