BBD Dialogue Kelly Puppo $500 popper, 70's lures

Welcome to a special look at the dialogue we have en route and during our adventures as we search for the fish of our dreams.

We are going to do a series of dialogue videos with our friend Kelly Puppo of Southern California, who’s been the young up and comer in the west coast bass fishing scene in the 70’s, 80’s and a seasoned veteran through the 90’s, 00’s to current day. Much respect to him and those like him for being true pioneers. We can all learn so much from these gentlemen.

Kelly shows us one of his best lures ever, a Michael popper that back in it’s day went for $100-150 a piece. That would be equivalent to spending $500-1000 on the lure today. So similar to the big bait scene now isn’t it?

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