Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Patterns from Canada

The best smallmouth bass fishing patterns from my Canada trip.


Epic Dad Fishing Battle

Remote Island Catch and Cook Walleye

Scouting for Smallmouth Bass in Kayaks


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30 Replies to “Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Patterns from Canada”

  1. Awesome video. I am from Ontario, Canada and all I do is fish smallies. Next time you’re up here, try some drop shots in deeper water, you’ll love the football sized smallies that you’ll catch here. Thanks again for posting and tight lines LFG!

  2. Great video man, quick question for ya… Can you share how the rods broke on your trip? I’m guessing it was the airlines throwing your bags around. I’m making a similar trip soon and could certainly use the “what not to do” Pro Tip. Thanks

  3. What season were you up here during? To me it sounds like you were there late summer maybe.. im about to head up to algonquin area of ontario, fantastic smallmouth lakes. wish me luuuuuck!

  4. I live in central wisconsin. A great way to catch small mouth up here is to fish the boat landings at dusk and later with a crank bait. A lot of the lakes are over fished and its hard to get a bite. Plastic worms work well also.

  5. Jerkbaits for fall. What's funny is I went up there week of July 4th and didn't catch more than 8 smallies in 5 days. Got some decent walleye and a 31 inch pike though.

  6. Great tips and just in time too! Heading to VA to fish for some Upper James River smallies. First time targeting smallmouth so going to put this knowledge to use

  7. hey man thought it was great I liked the vid I'm trying to get better at fishing lakes rivers you help out a lot

  8. If you're coming back to rainy lake mid/late summer. I'm happy to help you out know where my honey holes and baits are. The smallies on rainy lake move out to deep water structure with the walleyes. You can find some tanks mid summer but have to fish them much differently than spring spawn. Drop shots, Carolina rigs, top water. That's the best rigs to have on rainy lake. In July and august.

  9. love this helps so much. River smallies are def a different animal when it comes to fishing. tubes and soft jerkbaits work great post spawn but much of the same tactics work. just different locations here.

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