Big Bass “King” Mike Long Caught Snagging Spawning Largemouth Bass

For a detailed, exclusive history of Long’s deceitful, fraudulent career, make sure to check out "The dark secret of America’s big bass guru." (

Mike Long claims to have caught hundreds of bass over 10 pounds, 75 over 15, and one over 20, the ninth largest bass ever caught!

He has been heralded as one of the pioneers of big bait (swimbait) fishing, attributing most of the aforementioned catches to big rainbow trout-imitating baits. His big bass photos have been circulated all over the world, across the covers of over 40 magazines — even gracing billboards along the highways of America’s heartland.

He uses a large treble hook on a drop shot rig, seeks out big female bass that are in their spawning cycle in the clear-water reservoirs of San Diego County and sets the hook into their side as they swim between him and his snagging rig.

This video catches Long red-handed, deliberately attempting to snag bass over the course of two Springs in San Diego.

But snagging bass is just one of the dirty tricks he’s used to fool everyone into thinking he’s one of the best big bass anglers that ever lived.

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