Big Water and Little Boats featuring Jeff Kriet and Wade Middleton

– – Welcome to this episode
of the Fisherman’s Handbook. Today Wade takes down a
trip down memory lane, going back to where his
love of fishing all began,and sharing that time
with a life long friend. – This is going
to be a fun trip, and Jeff and I are
going to get to fish a lake that was really
key in our youth, and for lack of a better word, growing up. I can admit it now,it’s where I used to skip
school and spent a lot of time. I mean it was one of my
favorite places to go fishing and I’m going to let him
admit if he skipped school, because I already
know the answer, I’m just curious
if he’ll be honest. – We are fixing to fish the lakethat Wade and I both
learned to bass fish on, that’s a true story. I’ve been fishing this
lake with my mom and dad when I was a kid
since I was like two. I had a membership
here and so did Wade and this is where it all. – I never skipped school
and came to this lake one time in my life. – Yeah always. – This was our babysitter. This is where our parents would, so they could have, finally it’s the weekend, we can get away from the kids. Leave us here and dump us off in a Jon boat,they dropped us off in the
morning and pick us up at dark. Dark 30, that’s what
time we had to be in. – It’ll push your
bass tournaments. This is where it all happened. – You know Ardmore Lake Club is a really cool
little body of waterright outside Ardmore, Oklahoma. It’s been there forever
and as kids we fished it and caught a lot of little
fish and it’s gone through,just like all lakes do,resurgences, peaks and valleys, and Jeff uses it a lot
times to go out and practice and get ready for a lot
of his big fishing trips,and you know,
tournament’s coming up. For me it’s always just been a
place that I like to go fish. – Got him. – Big one? – He’s coming my way. – He caught the littlest
bass in the lake. – Littlest bass in the lake. This is how big they was
when we was growing up. – That’s a good one though. That’s a good one. Hey that’s the first bass
you’ve caught here in 20 years. – No, we came out here that
one day and we went flipping, and I caught some. – We caught them didn’t we? – We caught them,you caught them real
good punching that time. – This is where I really
learned to fish was this lake. My parents would drop me
off here in the mornings, whenever I, as quick as I got, I looked forward to
Saturday morning, they would drop me
off and I would fish. I would just do laps
around this lake until it was time for them
to pick me up after dark. And Wade did too. This is where Wade
and I would fishand then we would get a
couple buddies togetherand we would take two man boats,like the bass buggies and stuff. We would all throw in $5 a piece and have tournaments out here. I have been fishing this lake, really that’s what’s scary, I have been fishing
this lake for probably over 40
years of my life. It’s a special place to me. – Got it? – Little guy.
– Thanks for getting me wet. – Look at you. Why do got that water
all over you buddy, look at that. – Dude, that was
so unintentional. – Yeah. – Little guy. – But back in the day if you’d
have caught one that big, you’d be like, “Oh, good one. ” – Heck yeah dude. I still think
they’re all good man. – Yeah I do too. – You know I’m a numbers guy. – Yes you are. – Coming up after the break, the numbers game continues
as Wade and Jeff keepflipping fish into the
boat at a furious pace. But before that, we take a look at the boat that’s making today’s
trip possible. The RT178 from Ranger. Powered by a Yamaha
4-stroke engine. That and more, all right here on the
Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook. – The Fisherman’s Handbook
is brought to you in part by, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, your
adventure starts here. Garmin, fight your fish
not your fish finder. And by Yamaha Marine,
reliability starts here. – You know our set up for
this trip’s really cool. We got one of the many
different models of Ranger aluminum boats, it’s perfect for a lot of
different bodies of water. It’s got a little 25
HP Yamaha motor on it. You talk about fuel
efficiency and quiet, that’s it to a tee. Some of the very
best lakes out there have horse power restrictions, like this lake has
a 25 HP restriction. That little 25
looks pretty small, but it packs a punch now. Look at some of the
smaller outboards. That thing right there, I mean, you put that thing
on a little Jon boat, I’m going to tell you,
it’s going to fly. You can do a lot in
an aluminum boat. These style of boats are
really perfect for a lot of people and a lot of
small bodies of water. You look at the features
built into the boat, that we’ve got here, plenty of rod storage, a big deck for two guys and
a camera guy in the back, you put a little 25 HP
Yamaha in the back like this, and you’ve got a
great price point boat that you can still
go out and catch just as big or bigger fish then we do when we’re running
a lot of our big boats around. The big boats are awesome. I love it. I love my big boat. I’ve got a 250 SHO on
it and I love that boat, but don’t think you have
to drop that kind of moneyto be a good tournament angler, because when I show
up at a tournament, a local tournament,the guy that scares me the most, honestly is the guy
in a boat like that,tzhat when they call his number
he goes around the corner and puts that tow motor down. Because I know that guy, he’s going to fish all day. He’s going to fish
what’s in front of himand that’s exactly what
we did on this lake. Uh oh, fish on. Oh good one. – Big one. – Big one, look at you, you called it there’d be a
five pounder on this one. – That’s an average
one out here dude. I want you to look at how
healthy these suckers are. You see that. – They didn’t grow up like that. – They’re all like that. Isn’t that crazy dude, look at that fish. You know what that is? That’s a future stud. Look at that. This is what happens when
we all get old right there. – You get little pouch,you get a little pooch. – You start leaning
a little bit too. – You know for me when
it comes to flipping and pitching and fishing
shallow cover, or however we’re
going to catch them, you know I’m fairly
straight forward. I’m either going to use 40
to 60 pound Sunline Braid, 20 pound fluorocarbon,I’m going to have some
type of a soft plastic, I’m a fighting frog fanatic. Love to flip a tube as well. And then my weight size is
going to based on the conditionsin the bottom depth that
we’re fishing at and, other than that I
keep it fairly simple, about four or five basic
colors out there and off I go. – Got him. Got him. – They shrank. – That’s awesome. – I’ll tell you about it. – I will too. – You’ve caught this one before. He had a hole in the
other side of his head. You’ve gotten him before. – Tell you they all feel good. – It’s easier to catch
a five pounder here than one like that. – I’m just talented. Well thank you you that. – That’s what I’m saying. – Tell me how good
I was right there. – What you did was
strong right there. – Got strong game? – The biggest thing
I can say to you,when you’re flipping and all you guys that
flip a lot you know, so it goes in one ear
and out the other, but if you knew to
flip it and all that,when you flip that bait
in there let that baitfall on that slack line. Okay, watch your line. You’ll see that
line when it falls, you’ll see it jump. So many of your bites
come on that first fall and then once it’s falls, when I hop it, I hop it but I don’t
keep my line tight. I don’t want it look,I want it to be natural,so when I hop it I’m letting
it fall back down on slack line and that’s when you’ll
get your bites, okay? You got him?- Look it here. This sucker. Look at the thing on, this sucker has a goiter dude. Look at that. What is that? Touch it. – Touch it. Don’t touch it dude. – Its a bone man, it’s a bone. – God look at that thing dude. – Touch it, it’s a bone. Feel it, it’s hard. – Look at it, he’s
coming out of there! – Oh Jesus! – It’s a giant zit. – Look at that. Thank you but you’re gross. – Think that was gross, it’s like a little alien worm. – Dude it was! – Time right now for a quick
break but when we return, Wade and Jeff are
back out on the water for a second day of action
on the Ardmore Lake Club. Some friendly
competition emerges,and the fish are biting, stay tuned you won’t want
to miss a second of it. – The Fisherman’s Handbook
is brought to you in part by, Ranger Boats, still building
legends one at a time, Engel Coolers, a
legend in reliability, Bradley Smoker, food
smoking made easy,and by Sawyer Products,
we keep you outdoors. – Round two we got caught
short yesterday boy. – Rain and poor weather
conditions hinderWade and Jeff’s ability
to fish thoroughly on their first day of fishing
at the Ardmore Lake Club,however they were able
to establish a pattern. Recent rains have pushed
the fish up shallow into the thick cover and if you can flip a
bait in front of them they’re ready to bite. – Yeah this is a fairly
round body of water, it’s got a few
little pockets in it, lots of cattails, rocks and
scattered docks out there, but it’s a great
place to go fishing. You can catch them a
lot of different ways, you always have been able to, but one way that’s always
been very good for me, the way you’ll catch them is
flipping and what’s ironic is, you know Jeff is really
known as a finesse fisherman, but in all honesty, that couldn’t be further from
the truth in his upbringing. He’s was a flipper growing upand he always did it with a tubeand he won a lot of money on it. – Oh big one. – Stud. – There’s real one! There’s a tube to you. – Now look at that, holy cow. Look at that sucker. Hell you think that
fish spawned yet? Good grief dude,
look at that man. Yeah. – All right. – Now there’s your tube fish, that’s my tube fish. Back to the old school man,what I used to win all
my money on right there. Let that sucker get
back on the bed. – Why did you quit
doing it though? – I quit flipping a tube
because I lost too many fish because all the tubes out
there now are way too hard. So like that one you seen, what happens with a really
stiff tube is when you jerk that tube will fall down here
and you lose a lot of fish. You got to go through
two sides of plastic. So you can see I jerked and I tore the tube. You may say, “Well I
don’t want that to happen. “Use 20 maybe
somebody else but me, “I want to catch the
fish that bites me “because I have
money riding on it. ” So it’s a really
really soft tube. I mean as soft as it gets. I did for Cabela’s and they
said, “What bait do you want?” I said, “I want a tube
again because that’s what”I used to win all my money on. “But I lost as much money
as I won on a tube, so when they said,
“What do you want?” I said, “These are
the cutters I want,”and I want it, “make it so soft,”I wanted you to make it softer “than you think you
should make it. “So they did and now I’ve
been flipping this tube all during the off season andI’m going to make a lot
of money on this tube. The deal is,is everybody flips like
a beaver style bait, if you went to a
weekend tournament,about everybody flipping
a beaver style bait. I don’t want to flip the
same thing as everybody else. Everybody’s kind of gotten
away from flipping a tube so, then I feel like I’m
going to get bitesbehind guys that are
flipping something else. – Uh oh! Hot and long! – That’s a good one. – I think we’re going to win. It’s getting smaller as it
gets to the boat though. – Pretty good one. No but he’s not a 39 pounder. – No he ain’t going to make it. – But he sure was funand I got them nervous. A lot of it is about head games, you know what I’m saying? – I agree. – Just trying to keep them
on their toes a little bit. – Gambling with the cameraman
on the size of the fish. I still like our bet. I still like our chances. The thing about fishing
with Jeff and I is we can get in a bind. We may be there for a mission because we’re both
in the industry but we can get off
line pretty quick. We can get on these wild
tangents and goofing off. There’s no telling what one
or the other is going to do. But the reality is we’re competitive in
a lot of ways as well. This trip we’re even kind of playing with the camera guys. Hey tell us how many
fish we can or can’t fish between this point
and this point and how big they’ve got to be,because it’s a challenge
and that makes it fun, it makes us really
focused because otherwise we’re liable to be up some
left field tangent out there gossiping and messing
with each other, and forgetting that we’re
there to catch a few fish. – All right set the goal Jeff, you pick the distance. – Okay I’ll say that when
I get around this dock, in between there
and that next dock, we’ll catch at least
one three pounder. – Oh, be a three pounder!We on the board? – Oh that’s going
to be equal now. – We should’ve done a
numbers one on this one. He even goads you. See how I’m losing that tube? That may be aggravating
to you but it’s good to me because I’m not, missed it. – Look at that stunted. That sucker looks like a Dobby!- He’s got an itch in his nose. – Look at that. – Yeah we need a
picture of that one. Give us a picture Kevin. – Look at this, you know what he says? – Look at him! He says, “Doooooooo. He’s got an underbite to
like nose for nothing. – Bless your heart. – He’s already got
a girlfriend though. – Thank you for your,
no, you poor thing. I know a bass that won’t be
doing any spawning this spring. Nobody likes him. – Oh bless his heart. My brother’s a plastic surgeon, he can fix you up. – The camera crew has taken an
early lead over the fisherman as Wade and Jeff are unable
to meet the required needs for the given challenges. But when we come back, can the luck turn
in their favor? Find out after the break. – The Fisherman’s Handbook
is brought to you in part by,Bass Pro Shops, and Cabela’s, your
adventure starts here, Engel Coolers, a
legend in reliability, and by Hobie Fishing,
MirageDrive Pedal Systems. – Oh he’s barely here. – He’s barely there. – We got to catch eight. – Got to catch eight. – Got one hook in
him in this round. We got him. – Nice Wade. How far do we got to go to
catch eight in this round? We’re down a lot
to the cameraman, even though we’re
catching fish nonstop, we’re still losing dollars. – I hooked a big one, is that a big one? A big one. – I’m going to let this one
go you can get that one. – That’s a four pounder dude. – A four pounder! – So the bet on this one was we had to catch eight fish
from that dock to that point, and one of those had
to be a four pounder. – Is he a four pounder or not? – Oh I don’t know,
you going to have to. – I think it’s a four pounder. – I think it’s a four pounder. – The thing about a
professional fisherman, and with Wade and I,is there’s always a bet. There’s always a bet. So rather than bet
against each other, because I thrown in a boat, you know what I mean?I’m getting first shot. So we got all these bets
against the cameraman. You know what, this morning, it’d be just that, “Okay,
you get 200 yards to catch “you’ve got to catch five
bass and one of them’s got”to be a four pounder. ” So really it started off where
they were beating us down. They had us down
three or four dollars. – A real one there! – You got him! – That’s a real one, fat one. – Well we won a bet. – We did. – We won a bet. – Old Cabela’s tube come
together on that one. – Yeah man. – Wade and Jeff have
started to figure things out a little bit and are gaining
ground on the camera crew’s early lead. But when you’re
fishing with Jeff Kriet you never know what
might happen next, and there’s a good chance
that whatever it is will distract you
and take your mind off of fishing in a hurry. – I really don’t
know what to say, even how to portray this. It’s burned into my mind, really kind of bad honestly. He gets out on a dock and he lays down like
a centerfold model, by no means is any man
over 40 a centerfold model, in any way, in any
shape, in any form. I don’t even though
how you can think this. He lays down by these pink
flowers on the dock and poses. He’s not a sports
illustrated model, he’s not a centerfold, but he did it! And I can’t get that image out
of my mind for some reason. Something about it,I don’t know, I’m scarred maybe. For life. – We have to catch at
least a 4 1/2 pounder. One, one 4 1/2 pounder. You good for that? Oh that’s up to you. I was just saying big fish. – Well this is just
a big fish derby. – Big one? Is that our big one?- This one feels better. – That may be our
winner right there. – Oh that may be our winner,is that the one? – This is our winner. – Get him Wade! – Oh yeah!- Yeah there’s our five. – Oh yeah. – There we go. – Oh that’s a good one. – That’s winner winner
chicken dinner right there. Look at the gut on
that fish right there. – Let’s see. – That’s what I’m talking about. – Todd moved up. Todd moved up shallow. – It’s a good one dude. – That’s a solid
fish right there. – All right we’ll
let him go back. – We caught back up,we’re even now. I feel like it’s a victory. In their mind they thought,
“We got these guys. ” But Wade, Wade picked up a
sprogue square deal and saved this one round. I flipped up a big one
and the end of a deal, off a stretch that I didn’t
think we’d catch one on. And then Wade caught
a good one on a jig, so all in all it’s a victory. Anytime you’re not
paying it’s a victory,so the fact that we tied
against two cameramen, who I thought were my friends, that were trying
to bet against us, we’re trying to
make a good show, and they’re betting we’re
not going to catch them. – You know fishing
trips like this, it just goes to show you,you don’t have to overthink it, you don’t have to
get too complicated, you can just go
out with a buddy,in a small boat, with a small motor, with a few rods and
reels and some bait, and have a great time. – I mean this is a great
little set up that you, and anybody anywhere
along the lines can go out and enjoy and
have a good time with it. It just so happens
on this one here we probably clowned a little
more than we normally would, but we caught a lot of bass. I’ve filmed quite a few
shows throughout the years, and all that, and I think that I was more
excited to come here with Wade then I was when I
film on Falcon orfilm on all these other places. And the reason was, is I just wanted him to
see how good the lake is. He hasn’t been here
in years, okay? When we fished it this thing was just full
of a million little ones. I wanted him to see the
quality of these bass. They don’t even look real. They got these little mouths, big fat bodies and
just to come out here and just to, no pressure. Not going to run
around anywhere. We’re going to put the
trolling motor downand we’re going to fish. And we had a good time, Wade had fun, he’s really busy, I’m really busy
but you know what? We’ve been talking
about this for a year. He lined up the perfect
boat for the lake and we came out here,and I feel like it’s
going to be a good show. We caught a bunch of nice fish. It couldn’t have
gone any better. – That’ll do it for The
Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook. We’ll see you next time. – Folding the wrong
way obviously. There’s a pattern to this. Hey there’s bass out there
Wade throw out there. Which way’s he throwing?

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