Bigger Better Bass: The Texas Toyota ShareLunker Program

We’ve all heard our share of big fish stories. You probably have some of your own. Now you have another way to tell ’em, with
the new ShareLunker mobile app from TexasParks and Wildlife. Since 1986, the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s
popular Toyota ShareLunker Program has beenpartnering with anglers to promote and enhance
bass fishing in Texas. With our new mobile app, you can enter your
Lunker bass data from your smartphone or tabletright from your favorite fishing spot. What may seem like just another day on the
lake, is actually an opportunity for anyoneto provide information to help our biologists
maintain healthy Lunker bass populations acrossthe Lone Star State, ensuring many more fish
stories to come. Help us make bass fishing bigger and better
in Texas. For more information, visit TexasShareLunker. com

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