BMP Fishing: The Series | Sabine River

– Oh God. Woohoo. Boom, what is that baby?That’s a three pounder man. Get in here!He’s gonna be cool. If we make it awesome. We gonna fish again. If not, I made good decisions this week,I feel like and we can move up a lot. – 12 pounds, three ounces to
fish our Championship Sunday. – Gonna be short. Come on. Well here we are Sabine River,supposed to be the second
stop of the season,but it is now our fifth
stop of the season. It’s gonna fish small. This place typically fishes small anyways,even though there’s a
massive amount of water. There’s only certain placesthat good populations of bass liveand this year we’re not
allowed to fish in Louisiana,even though the Sabine River is the borderbetween Texas and Louisiana,
Texas waters only. So if you can catch eight pounds a day,you’ll cut a check and if
you catch 12 pounds a day,you’ll probably win. Might not even take that much.
So we’ll see what happens. Oh, I think that will make the cut. Think that one will
make 12 1/4 inches baby. Oh, on the money, 12 1/4 inches. Get used to it boys. 12 inchers for days. That’s a pound too. Come on!Look, he’s still on there or not. Yeah he’s still on there. That looks like a decent one. Stay on there baby, stay on there. Yeah that’s a good one. Stay on there. Stay on there. Oh he’s not as big as I thought. Got that punk over a 12 1/4. You would of thought it
was a damn five pounder. Yeah that gives me a whopping three
for three pounds. That’s a girthy one if he’s 12. Yup, 11 3/4. He’s just too girthy. Biggun’.

That makes five and I just
said that was a biggun’. Biggun’.
First time ever weighin’ the
limit on the Sabine River. What?Bucket list, check.
Giants, giants everywhere. Thought you’d left. Get the feelin’, if I come back later,I’m probably gonna see you again.
Ooo, get in here!That’ll cool. That’s a dang pound and a halfer!There ain’t no nine
o’clock and I’m cooling. I really hate fishin’ like this,but I’m just gonna have to
get used to it this week. Tidal water. Any time you have tide
the fish are movin’ upand down and up and downand you can go behind guys and catch ’em. That was a little snippet
for the video, yeah know. Kinda suck fish, you kinda suck.
I haven’t had a bite in
like hours and hours. Need like a three pounder. I got five for about
five and a half pounds. I got one that’s about a pound and a halfand the rest of ’em are 12-13 inches. Hang on, I’m just gonna
put the troll motor downand just fish all the
way back to the ramp. – Five for about five pounds. Freakin’ brutal. I haven’t been bit in like five hours.
I’m just hopin’ I got six. – Angler of the year back
from Rathdrum, Idaho,the prodigy Brandon Palaniuk. Brandon Palaniuk with
five fish here today. Six, nine today, with your six right now. – Gonna have some work to
do the next couple days,if we’re gonna stay in this thing,but it can happen quick. – Alright wish you luck,
see you back here tomorrow. – Six pounds, nine ounces.
– Feel good about it, or?- No. I don’t know, I don’t
know what I’m gonna do. There’s gotta be a way to
catch a couple bigger ones. I just haven’t figured
it out yet this week. Hmm, we might be down
in like the seventies. And I didn’t get bit
in the last five hours,so I don’t know what I’m gonna do. – I know, all your weight was so early. – I mean I feel like, I
gotta at least fish someof that same stuff again tomorrow. I don’t know where else
to even go get bit. So I don’t wannahave a personal struggle of likewanting to gamble ’cause
I always wanna win. So, I wanna just like go
run and go try somethin’and figure somethin’ out, but then I alsowanna be smart and not bomb,come in with zero fish tomorrow. Day two at the Sabine River,gonna run with the same
game plan as yesterday. It’s really about all I
know for ways to get bit. May change things up a little bit,when that tide starts coming back in,but this morning we’re gonna
run a lot of the same stuffand hopefully just run
into a couple of those,you know two plus pound bites. Those go a long ways,
make a big difference. So, we’ll see if we can’t
make something happenin the afternoon ’cause
yesterday afternoonwas not very productive. ♪ Work for it ♪♪ Everyday work for it ♪♪ Gotta work for it ♪♪ Work for it ♪♪ Everyday work for it ♪♪ I stand alone ♪♪ Can’t get much higher ♪♪ It’s in my bones ♪♪ Love’s true survivor ♪♪ I stand alone ♪♪ I keep on risin’ ♪♪ Up to the throne ♪- Girthy 12. ♪ I won’t stop fighting ♪- This calls for a celebration coffee. ♪ ‘Cause I stand alone ♪- Got two keepers. Oh my gosh!♪ They try to steal like a parasite ♪- That one smoked it. That feels like a decent fish. Please be a bass. Oh it is. That’s a good one. ♪ I stand alone ♪♪ Can’t get much higher ♪- Better than anything we had yesterday. ♪ It’s in my bones ♪♪ Love’s true survivor ♪♪ I stand alone ♪♪ I keep on risin’ ♪♪ Up to the throne ♪♪ I won’t stop fightin’ ♪♪ ‘Cause I stand alone ♪- Little better. Yeah. ♪ I stand alone ♪And I figured it too. He just sounded bigger
than two when he ate it. Got some more two pounders. ♪ I stand alone ♪- I got four four five and a half pounds. Need about nine and a half to have a shot. ♪ I won’t stop fightin’ ♪- Come on, stay on there. ♪ I stand alone ♪♪ Somebody turned off all the lights ♪- Yeah. ♪ They try to steal like a parasite ♪- We got five, we got five. Calls for a celebration. So it’ll probably be 15, 15 and a half. Oh gosh. Get in here yeah!Yeah.
That’s for sure a two pounder.
Yeah. Certified Sabine River swamp donkey. I think I’ve got two, maybe three. I know I’ve got two for
sure, but maybe three, – that are bigger than anythingI had yesterday. Cool, pound off of our goal. Makin’ some headway. ♪ I stand alone ♪♪ Can’t get much higher ♪♪ It’s in my bones ♪♪ Love’s true survivor ♪- This feels like a pounder.
♪ I stand alone ♪♪ I keep on ridin’ ♪- So I gotta go get me
some Rowley high fives. Give me the line, come on. High fives, Rowley high fives. Yeah, I’ll get one from dad too. Mom’s busy runnin’ the camera
or else I give her one too. ♪ I stand alone ♪- You’re not gonna help. ♪ Oh ♪♪ I stand alone ♪♪ Oh ♪♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪♪ Gotta work for it ♪♪ Work for it everyday ♪♪ Work for it ♪♪ Gotta work for it ♪- Come on bass. ♪ Everyday work for it ♪- I cannot catch a fish when
that tide starts comin’ in. Make some adjustments. I’ll have to slide back in
the ole square lake pondand go down through there,
turn the ole cover pop. How in the bloody hell is
there not a bass in here?There we go. Biggun!Oh he’s not that big!- Yeah he is too. – He’s not that big. I thought it was like a three pounder. I think he’ll cool. I bet he’s like a pound and a half,but when he ate it,I thought he was like a three pounder. When you been catchin’
12 inchers all week. Pound and a halfers look giant, you know?Losin’ it. The heat’s drainin’ me. Goin’ crazy. Think we’re gonna be
just a little bit short. I’m afraid we’re gonna
be just a little short. It’s better than yesterday,but I think I’m gonna be
just short of the cut. Gotta a certified just mega. Look at that mega stud!I think I’m gonna be
just short of the cut. – You good Mr. Palaniuk?- Good, how are you man?- I’m a big fan of yours. – Thanks buddy. – You get ’em today?- No, better than yesterday, but. . . – Better than yesterday?- Yesterday it was like Seven,13 and today’s gonna be 15, 14. 15, 11 is what it’ll be?- About that right there. – I would like it to
be even less than that. If it was 15, 11 that means I would haveto have like nine, four or something. – Brandon Palaniuk.
Six pounds and nine
ounces to start the day. Lookin’ for eight, 11 today. – Ooo this is gonna be close. – Better day, does he have eight, 11?Nine pounds, five ounces. – Good enough.
– I don’t know. – 44th place currently,with 14 anglers left to weigh in,I believe. So, gonna dodge a few bulletshere over the next few minutes,but you’ve done your job
and inside the cup for now. – Yeah I was guessing that the cut weightwas gonna be 15, 14 and I
think my total is 15, 14. So, I’m gonna be bubbleboy. It’s gonna be close. So I’ll be back there sweatin’ it out. I just dug myself a hole yesterdaythat I had to dig myself
out of, but who knows?Get back out there hopefully tomorrowand see what happens. – Sure hope you sneak in there. We’ll find out in a few minutes. – It’s gonna be close. We’re gonna be like 49thto 51st. Like literally, ounces separating $10,000. Not really. I mean I’m just like, I’m
not nervous, I’m anxiousjust because I mean, it’s $10,000. – Oh, oh big yeah. – I mean,
it’s literally ounces separating $10,000. I’m tied with Feider, but I
beat him in the tie breaker. So, I’m 47th and there’s
four days left to weigh-in. Jordan’s the last one to weigh-in. He passed me. – Really?Are you mad?- 47th place, even higher than I thought. – So you’ll go tomorrow?- That’s right. – Even if he passed you, you’ll go. – We’re working again tomorrow. Made it. 47th. Gettin’ paid by ounces. Gettin’,
– Yeah baby, that’s right!- Gettin’ paid. – That’s right!- How’s that feel?- Dude. – I just wanna call, say good work. – Thanks, I appreciate it. – Yup, just get ya up. – Travis sounded
a little disheartened. – Yeah. – Well. – Keep it rollin’. – I’m gonna
see you bright and early. – Yup, I’ll see you in the morning. – Started with
108, cut it down to 50and now after today
the top 12 will move onto Championship Sunday, but
before we go any further,I’d like to have everyone. . . – It’s gonna be tough, but
it’s definitely doable. I think probably gonna
do the same game plan. It’s just a matter of gettin’ a coupleof those, you know two,
two and a half pound bitesthat propel you up there intothat you know, nine to 10 pound range. Ooo that might be a keeper!No!He’s shrinking. He is girthy. We are the champions. Yeah. Boom!Check that out!We got girth and length. Boom!That’s a three pounder man. ♪ Hold up ♪♪ Wait a minute ♪ – New one, eat it. It’s a biggun’. Nope, not. That’s a pretty good one. Like I know wonders frickin’ flapped it. It’s pushin’ two pounds. Said it’s movin’ day. Nothin’ else. We’re gonna try to gain as many pointsand move up as far as we can. Rowley crew showed up in time. I didn’t know it was gonna happen today. Yesterday those kids in the boat,they were sittin’ out here watchin’ meand I would just turn
the troll motor on highand went by ’em and went chick, chick,chick, chick, chick down the line. Keep an eye on old Uncle Kevin out there. Don’t even think about it Uncle Kevin. Yeah!Switch it up to a little
re-pull-ibiates brat. Yeah. Whoosh and it was right behind it, bloop. Wha!There’s like a two and half,
three pounder in there. I don’t have anything to throw at him. He’s like, no joke, he’s literally sittingright below the surface right there. He’s like sick lookin’. Won’t even react. Look at him, see him?I don’t even know if I wanna
touch that thing anyways.
He’s pretty nasty lookin’. I got four fish and about
almost the same weightthat I had yesterday. I’m not complain’. I could only drop three spots,
but I had 47 to move up. So, if I just get one of those roguefive pounders.
Yeah!Woo baby!Havin’ a good day. Number five. Pulled out the old,
Storm Arashi Cover Pop. Bloop, bloop. Whoosh, missed it the first time,got fouled up, threw
it back, whoosh, whack.
That was exciting. We gotta be like 11 1/2 pounds now. Remember right back there, where I said,I just feel like I’m gonna catch like,I said a five pounder,but I feel like I’m gonna
catch a five pounderon my frog or on my popper today. I don’t know why I just
have visions of like,a five pounder eating my
frog or my popper today. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!I trip over my own flip-flops. We usually make me look like a dip shitat least once per video. Get in here!Well I have one four pound
bite away from the cut. It’s always a good thing, it may show up. Yeah Davey doesn’t come check you out,if you’re still sittin’ in 47th place. Pamkins!- Well, hi. – Just smokin’ ’em. Caught a three, like a three,
a two and 1/2, two and 3/4and like a pound and
3/4 and a pound and 1/2. Pretty much been dead after that. Yeah, I like need one big bite.
Oh no!Gosh!Dang it that was a big one. I didn’t even turn that one. He was just goin’ out. Oh man. That was it right there. Pretty sure that was the 12 cut fish. Gosh tryin’ to decide what I wanna do. That rain’s just building all around us. Yeah I think we’re gonna
get rained on at some point. I mean, if we get rained on,
it’s gonna dump its ass off. Just excited. I mean, if we make it awesome. We’re gonna fish again. If not, no matter what,made good decisions this week,I feel like andwe’re gonna move up a lot today. Probably gonna be short. She’s gonna be close. – You got one?- Think we’re gonna be one fish short. I needed one more big
one, one more big bite. – That’s alright. – One more three pounder. Yeah 12 1/4, 12 1/2. 12, three I think is what it needs to be. I think it’s 11 3/4and I need 12 1/4. So, I missed it by a half pound. That’s my guess. From Rathdrum Idaho, the
reigning and defendingof Bassmaster Angler of the Year,the prodigy Brandon Palaniuk. – Alright watch the scale.
– Wow it’s gonna be close.
– 15, 14we might have somebody
break somebody’s heart here. He’s lookin’ for 12 pounds,three ounces to get inside the cut. – No it’s gonna be short. – It’s 12 pounds three ouncesto fish our Championship Sunday. – Gonna be short. Come on. – 12 pounds, three ounces!
He has exactly what it
takes to fish tomorrow!Let’s here it for the prodigy,ladies and gentleman, Brandon Palaniuk!At the end there wasn’t enough dramato that moment right there at the delayand not have exactly what it takes,but it doesn’t matter how you get in. – No I mean I started the
tournament in 80th place. I was in 47th place
today, made it by ouncesand then just had a good day. So, if I gotta go tomorrow, awesome!I’ll be pumped up and let
everyone get outta here,before the rain starts. – Alright, always great to have you!- What was
the key to this crazy rideof gettin’ into the top 12 for you?- Do you know, for me it was all aboutjust maximizing time, staying right herein the Sabine River. It actually happened to be the best waterthat I found, what I felt
like was the healthiest. So I stayed close, maximized that time,where I could you know,not worry about trying to run a tide. The tide doesn’t swing enough hereto really be able to do that. So I just you know,
biggest thing this weekwas maximizing time, that’s all I can say. I did not think I was gonna make it. I didn’t think I had 12 pounds. – We were right. – Good mornin’. – You know the big deal is,you just always wanna be
here on Sunday morning. You know,you pay for four days. You might as well be here all fourand right that’s what my daddy tells me. – It’s more fun that way I hear. – It is, it really isand any time you make a Sunday in it. This I’ve definitely had
a blessed week this week. You know, with just bites
came when they needed toand you know I’m prepared
for another tough day. It’s been tough the last couple daysand I expect today to be the sameand just keep my head
down, see what happens. – Lot of fun to watch for me. – Smoked it and I was like,yeah that’s not gonna work right. Alright, it’s gonna be close. Oh, did they change the rules?Hopefully they brought
more than a six packor else we’re gonna have some problems. Stick to happy this morning
and the old three poundersare battin’ heavy this mornin’. Yeah they probably don’t biteunless the camera angles right. As long as they’re cool with
gainin’ ten pounds on camera,I’m good with it. Oh yeah, that’s where
it’s supposed to build. It’s supposed to build there
and just get bigger and bigger. It looks like good times. Aww, it’s gonna be heavenly. Just be glad you’re not makin’like a hundred mile run today. Alright captain, storm dead ahead!It’s about to get nasty. – I don’t like that shit though. I don’t know, there’s just somethin’ aboutthunder, lightening and power linesjust doesn’t seem right. No.
– Yeah, barely. Just barely. Yeah, get in here. Get in here!Yeah!Yeah!Just said, I wanna catch a biggun’. Woo!That’s what I’m talkin’ about. We got five. I have officially,caught a limit four days in
a row on the Sabine River. Ladies and gentleman,
Ladies and gentleman, let me hear it. Get in here. Cover pop, you might stay in
my hand the rest of the day. Get in here. Oh cover pop. Let me see you cover pop,
let me see you cover pop. I should get a decent little bag here. – Yeah. – It’s kinda just like,it’s just morphed into like a decent,just an okay bag. Well, it’s not really that much bigger. Blue’s definitely bigger, right?I like it. – Yeah man. – We’re just doin’ it,
doin’ it for fun. I mean, we’re not gonna win. There’s no way. I didn’t even catch enough weight to beatwhat Hackney caught in three days,but if we move up again today,move up from 12th, I’m gonna be pumpedbecause that just means,you know we made good adjustmentsand had fun doin’ it. – He though he was out,
but we pulled him back inat the tail end the instant weigh-in. He became Bubbleboy. The 12th qualifier for
Championship Sunday. A former Bass Nation National Champion. A three time Elite Series Champion. The reigning and defending
Toyota BassmasterAngler of the Year from Rathdrum, Idaho,the prodigy Brandon Palaniuk!Ten pounds even, he moves into 2nd placewith 38 pounds and an ounce. Movin’ to 2nd place currently
and Brandon like I said,after day one, what were
you in the 80s or 90s?What place were you in?- I was literally like
80th place after day one,with a whoppin’ six pounds, nine ounces. – I wanna congratulate you
on another great finish. Let’s hear it for Brandon Palaniuk!- That is a wrap. Sabine River. Congrats to Hackney, one of
my favorite guys on tour. Super fun to watch, awesome
to see him still winning. Good derby for us. We were in 80th on day one. Moved all the way to 47th. Made the top 50 by ounces on day twoand then jumped all
the way into the 12 cutby a tie breaker on day three. And then moved up and finished
up in 7th place this week. By far the best finish I’ve
ever had on the Sabine River. So, we’re gonna take a win outta this one. You know we adjusted,
moved around every day. So, thanks to Go RVing. We’re gonna put this truck
and trailer on the road. – You gonna give ’em the sub call?- What?- You gonna give them the sub call?- Oh yeah, make sure you Sub. Hey that was cool.

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