Boss VS Intern – Bass Challenge

Welcome back to another vlog in Northwest, Ontario todayWe’re back on the kayak. My new boat is not arrived yetIt should be coming any day. But today is an exciting vlog if you guys rememberA couple months ago. I did a call-out for an intern and an intern has been chosen today. I would like to introduce you toZachary Saladin nobody they’re supposed to speak French. Those are Holden momZachary is from the Montreal area. And you spend in the summer with me with try visuals. He’s short fishing todayI’m kayak fishing today. He wanted to make it a challengeI said sure you’re gonna be a little bit disadvantaged the lake we’re fishing at some alergies has some small easeWe’re gonna do a challenge for a five biggest bass typical tournament styleBut we’re giving him an advantage how much of an advantage how many pounds?10 so if you want a 10 pound advantage, I’ll give you a 5 pound advantage. I’m giving him a five pound startSo whatever his five biggest bass here at the end. He’s gonna have 5 pounds added on to that andI’m on the kayak. He’s stuck on shore. Unfortunately. We don’t have a second kayak. So anyways, we’ll see you guys in a bitAll right, here we go I have a paddle tail IHave a big jerk bait and I have a hair jig. Those are my three baits to crush his act the internalsHe was AK Scott rigged up. He is a gearjunkieSecret I got the Senko here so farI got a ChatterBait tied on I’m gonna be putting on a jig not this one and on this rod. I’m still undecidedNot sure yetThat’s gonna be switching lures the entire time Zack works at a fishing store back in MontrealSo he’s one of those guys that loves love’s love’s gearand I think it leaves that to my advantage because I’ll probably throw one or two baits andCatch him while he’s tying knots but we’re gonna get going. Like I said 5 biggest bassI got a scales Ascot a scale and Zacks I get a 5 pound lead. Did we say 5 5 family for Zack?Here we go time for BastionOh, that’s a fish. Oh, that’s pretty big Wow, that was very strange. That’s a big bassNiceThere we go first small e of the derby I don’t know what Zacks doing but that’s a good start on the black hair jigClassic staple2. 97awesome guys 2. 97thirty seconds in zack I hopeYou’re doing goodSo for this section, I’m gonna start off with the ChatterBaitThe beauty about this reel is you can cast super far with it. Hopefully I get a fish soonThere we go. Fish on there we go large e first fish guysGonna burn them in I don’t want to risk losing him crushed right awayAll right, sweet ChatterBait strikesLet’s see what he weighs. Let’s just call it 13 ounces. So officially first fish guys 13 ouncesI’m gonna go ahead and get it back beautiful. First fish. Oh, he splashed me. All right, great. Let’s get another one right away. IDidn’t cast far enoughBring him in ohNo, it’s a pike I thought this was a vast beautiful pike guysLook at that not even gonna take out the camera again and get him backLike I said fish doesn’t count when I get him back right here. He’s gonna splash off right awayYeah, no wonder you hit so hard. OhThere’s a bed. Oh, there’s a bad I can see the fish. I thinkYep, oh is that allergy now? They’re small big small IIThere we goSo with this kayak I’m able to get in really shallow water I’m just looking forthe bedding fishweighing in atTwo point four time pounds is bigger than I thought just a beautiful smallmouth bass on a hair jig very similar to last videoSo up here if you guys can see that, okay?So seal, there’s rock. See there’s rock up against a wheat here. That’s kind of what I’m looking forwardI don’t like straight swamp in the springtime. I want in that rock where the rock meets the weedThat’s where the bed’s like to be a little bit of gravelIt’s not as much as I wanted something to cruiseI hear a little while more and I think we’re gonna get into some better looking stuffHere we go good Largey better bring him inLoose drag gotta flip them. There we go, guys. I think we might be putting Jana’s place hereNice large e probably another pound added a poundtwo ounces andFive-eighths beautiful fish by the way, guys. There we go. Alright that logs gonna have a fishDon’t know what its gonna be. Oh, geezlarge eSo in the springtimeWood is an attractor of fish tracks crappies large ease small ease. And now we have a very small large eThere you go, that’s that we’re not even in a way that one if I don’t catch five Zack deserves the winSee how Zacks dealerThere we goWhile he’s digging he’s digging digging he’s pulling pulling lots of fight in this guy got to bring him upBeautiful that’s gonna help a pound 2 ounce3/8 there’s a big one in front of me. He’s swinging off. Okay, big big one in front of me. I’ve gotta catch him. OhThere we go. That’s a better fish Oh No small again Wow. What? Am I hot? No, IHaven’t even been keeping track. Okay, I got away. I’m just because it’s a competition but I might start calling fish12 ounces exactly12 ounces exactly not even a pound but whatever he’ll keepGo backThat’s a fish oh, ohI think this is a big. Oh, oh, I wish I’d a net. Oh, this is a big best. This is a big bass. JeezMan, we are off to a good start all that jigs moving in his mouth. OhThat is a long long small my best2. 71 another oneFor the box or whatever you want to call itAll right guys, if you’ve been following my videosYou’ve seen me probably using this rod a lot probably using this bait a lot. This is a seven and a half foot ConquestI think this rod retails for nine hundred dollars. I did not pay $900 for itI got it as a warranty for an nrx that I broke still I do like the nrx is betterSomeone just asked me about it and our exes are amazing. They’re still pricier odd, but they are top-of-the-line amazing warrantyAnyway, it’s a seven half foot mediumJust an amazing all-around rod if you want one all-around smallmouth walleye rod can’t go wrong with thisI have eight pound braid on here right now. I’m using an eight pound monofilament leader. You can use an eight pound floral leaderI’m using a hand-tied homemade hair jig black marabou. You can buy them in storesYou can make them yourselves a bunch of companies make them but that’s what we’re doingSo right now water temps are mid 60’s so fish on beds some of them are done spawningSpawn doesn’t happen all at once. It does get spread out a bit. I’m just cruising shorelineI didn’t put my sonar on today because I’m just banging Sharlene looking for the mix of rock and weed andFinding those fish that are still in bedsThat’s pretty much itjust a slow retrieve trying to keep the bait off the bottom giveFish a chance to eat if I do see a fish on a bed that doesn’t want to swim aggressively and eat itI’m gonna be throw at an ED rig like a jig on the bottom to drag along the bottom or a little tubeBut they seem to be chasing the hare the marabou and we’re going to keep covering shorelineZack is a little more limited with his waterHe’s got some of the better largemouth water. I think in the area he is so I kind of left that for himYeah, I rent it goingGuess I’ll take another cool maybe a bed in there. I think I can see the fish. Here we go guys, three two oneAnother non WeyerRight here. One two, three. There we goThere we go. I got a count. I gotta go like a beginner count down moose MollyGet up in here. Here we go. One pound two ounces and three eights. I think I saw some alergies beforeWelcome back to the yak to the kayakYeah, it’s been fun. Once again. It’s not as tippy as I expected. I can make good time with thisIt’s it’s nice to put me on lakes that I’ve never had a big boat on beforeonce againwe got 55 pound MinnKota on the front making it possible with that pro nav got one GoPro on the front there andI’m wearing the chesty as wellBut if you guys have some filming advice as far as like mounts for camera mounts on on kayaksI’d be very open to it. I’m kind of like trying to dial in what’s gonna be the perfect setupI’m probably gonna put some sort of pole in the back to give like a fullBird’s-eye view of what’s going on?but yeah any of those little ring things hi guys are pretty crafty and I’ve seen some pretty decked out kayak, sofor nowBack to Zach. Hopefully he’s doing okay. Look at this Lake doesn’t this Lake scream small Eastview?What am I doing over here fishing large E’s?Like I think I’m gonna win with large E’s and positive that there’s going to be small easierSo I’m quickly quickly quickly gonna switch up to an ED rigProbably gonna get cut off by Pike swimming it inI’m swimming it in OhHopefully I can call it hopeful he’s bigger than the other ones. That was crazy. That was insanityUm, I don’t yeah, he’s definitely gonna call one fishDefinitely look at that. That’s sweetGetting back beautiful maybe I can pick up a fish with the chickHold up my rod in front of me finger on the lineExtra sensitivityThere we go nice fish, there we go fish is not getting offWho are you mister? Where did you come from?That’s what I need it all daySmall e on the flipping jig and I cranked him. He’s kind of deformed isn’t he?He’s just shy of two pounds one pound eleven ounces and one-eighthI’m gonna get this nice large e back IMean small e this is a small e I don’t know why I called it a large e swims off just like thatSo lesson or the day you guys can catch smallies on a flipping jigIt’d be cool if I could see the fish eat itSo I’m gonna cast past the bed now inch it on to the bed he sees it he doesn’t like itYeah, got him, ohAlright so think about bedding fish is sometimes you get a second chance cuz they’re locked on he’s a nose down on it already GodThat would speed this is a big fish. Oh, this is a good one Oh OhZack I’m sorry, it’s just like an unfair advantage. YeahThat is big guys, that is my biggest Smalley of the spring look at thatAmazing. Alright, this one’s going on the scale. This is my fifth that I’ve weighed nowthree point six eightMeans I got a 15 pound bag Smalley’s right now Zack. I hope you’re beating me. But I also hope you aren’tThat is a 3. 6 3. 7 pound, Northwest, OntarioBeastAmazing so that fish gave me uh, just over 15 pounds. It’s just a good bag of small leastI wasn’t really thinking I gave Zack a five pound lead. That means he needs 10 pounds to beat meIt’s very doable if he’s catching fish 10 pounds is doable. He’s very very limited on the waterI haven’t gone over the same water twice yet. I’ve just been burning shoreline. IThink it might be close. I mean aCouple big large E’s and he’s right up thereBut we’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing cruising shoreline looking for those beds and then slowing down and catching those fishBut if I’m not seeing the beds I’m zooming. OhOh, this is another big one this may be bigger they keep getting bigger OhMe ZackWe’re gonna get this one back real quick3. 5 to Lockett, there are so many small lakes aroundCanora that have big bass. There’s it’s not like there’s one or two there isDozens of Lakes with bass like that. And if you have a small craft you can get into them OhGot oneThere we go. Please be nice decent decentNot huge. I don’t know a fullway, butFinally got one. It’s been a while OhNoWell, I messed that upI’m gonna cast past the bed. I’m gonna let it sink. I can see the fish for me towards it alreadyI’m gonna drop it right in the middle and just gonna pop it on this potThere we go, nice fishaQuick wait, that’s going back. There we go. 304 is now deep fish to beat that one was on once againThe net ring, there we go. We can’t get it right backAnother one another one. Yep. Oh not gonna be an upgradeYeahThis is insane guys insaneIt actually goes wow that tree looks absolutely incredibleOh, I just saw that fish chase out Wow wellSo we’re open for largemouth number twoOnRock bass. Okay. We’ve located the rock bass. Don’t think we’re gonna weigh that oneThat looks very fishy down there IDropped that nedra great in the middle of the bed. I don’t see the fish. But I’m just assuming it’sEating itAnother close to three pounder probablyNot gonna weigh this oneThink he pooped all over meOhManThis is why I love springtimeEverything’s shalloweasyDon’t even need a graph on the frontYou can just guess where the warm waters will weigh that one what the heck it is a slight upgrade. This one was 3061684 is their total now for a five biggest mile offWell, love itguys we have about20 minutes of fishing left. We’re gonna go check on Zack all I heard from him was that he caught lots?I have no idea on sizeI’m guessing he caught more alergies, but this has been such a good evening. I hope Zack had a good time. I’ll buy beat himWe got a little bit of shoreline left and I think this might be the best shoreline yetSo I decide I’m gonna put the big camera out on the nose if it tipsIt’s gonna be a very sad end to the video, but you can only do chesty GoPro so muchSo until I figure out a new reading situation this camera on the gorilla pod is gonna be set in the nose of the boatAnd I hope it’s okayNope couple bass before we call it a dayThis has been an incredible eveningFishing against Zach haven’t really heard any updates from him other than he caught lots of fish and we’ll go check on himWe didn’t really place any sort of betso I mean I was gonna say loser has to edit but I’d make him edit it anyway, soWe are back at the truck with Zachary the internTell me tough day. You gonna show me the scale or do we have to review the footage?We’re probably gonna have to review the footageHonestly, I didn’t catch anything over two pounds, but I got probably five or six fish. Did you weigh them? Yeah, I weighed themOkay. I lost the one that I didn’t gets away, but he was small anywaySo I gave Zach a five pound leadsoWell, we’ll see what I wait I’ll show you guys the scale my five biggestMy smallest was three point zero six, my biggest was three point seven six Oh God sixteen point eight fourYou needed eleven point eight fourYeahYou even even with that probably you beat me because I didn’t get one fish over two pounds and it’s a five fish limit. SoOkay, I’ll take you I’ll take you out for a drink go of me IHad the gigantic advantage of the kayak. I’ll give Zach the kayak like next time of courseIt is betting season for these fish. I caught all of my biggest mollies off of beds andPolarized shades looking for those basketball-sizedShiny spots those white spots and you’ll find yourselfSome fish locked on the beds make sure it released those fish. You should be releasing bass anyways, but thank you guys for watchingZach send me with us all summer. He’s got a YouTube channel. I will link it below he’s gonna be doing videosHe fishes every evening every weekend whenever I don’t have a working he’s fishingAlright guys, thank you for watching. We’ll see you next time

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