Can You Spare 3.5 Minutes to Advance your Fishing Career? Don't be Just Another Fish in the School!

With thousands of fishermen and women looking to attract sponsors, we at @getsponsoredtofish on Instagram, have helped dozens of outdoor accounts grow their brand, attract thousands of real, engaged followers and attract sponsors too!

Please watch the entire video with much important info covered. If you like it, whether you’re interested in taking your fishing up a level or two or not, please like and subscribe. It is not necessary that you share this though! Not everyone with an IG account is qualified anyway!

After almost 4 years of helping outdoor accounts grow real followers, and get their name (or their names) lots of recognition within their industry, we’ve decided to expand our social media management help to anglers at a very affordable rate!

Most of you won’t do what is necessary to earn real sponsors! As a ‘guess’, I’d guess that most of you haven’t read this far, nor will you!

This is my way of having a little pre-test of who’s serious and professional in their way of conducting themselves and those that aren’t. We can only serve a limited number of clients at a time, we have time to add 8-9 monthly social media growth clients and that’s it for a while at least!

Thanks, Randy Yancey, Fishing Category Manager for GetSponsoredToFish & Modern Outdoor Media, Springfield & Nixa Missouri, USA


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