Carolina Rig Bass Fishing SECRETS the PROS Don't Want You to Know!

Bass University TV’s on the water to show you casting, retrieve and trigger bass strikes when fishing the Carolina rig. Bass fishing tournament professional angler Pete Gluszek is fishing a tiny brush hog ( on the back of a 4′ leader Carolina Rig. He’s here to demonstrate how to fish this rig, starting with how to cast this awkward setup, which has a heavy weight, followed by a leader and a weightless soft plastic bait. If you’re having problems with backlash when casting a Carolina Rig, you’ll want to watch this video! It will help you make great trouble-free casts that don’t get tangled. Once you’re in the water, Pete talks about how to fish the rig and how to ensure you get a good hook set in the full video, available at You can watch this full 14-minute video, and 400+ other bass fishing videos from top tournament pros. Check out our library for more Carolina rig bass fishing tips, tricks, techniques and pro secrets. For a limited time, you can try it FREE for 10 days at


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