Cast 2 Catch Friday Big Bass on the Big EZ/GZ

Sorry for the late post, unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties down here in Florida trying to find WiFi to be able to upload this video. I’m finally back up and running so expect Tuesday’s video to be on time. In this video I breakdown a unique technique for catching bass in fisheries with a lot of grass. This topwater technique can result in some very big bass. It’s also a fast and fun way to find fish and catch em. If you like these style videos click that thumbs up and subscribe to see more to come.

-Rod: Fitzgerald Stunner HD 7’3 HVY

-reel: 13 fishing Concept A 8:1:1

-Lure: Gambler GZ Magnum (Red Ear)

-Hook: Owner Beast Hook 4/0

-Line: 65 Pound XTCB P-line Braid


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