Cast Net Fishing at sea with beautiful natural | Sea Fishing by (Siirt Botan) # 109

Yes friends helloWith our second video todayWe continue again with the brother, fishing with scatteringYes, Brother, continues shooting, without slowing downComrade brother, you made a super shotIs there anything? shootsFish hitting friendsAttention, brother!Already told me therea difficult placeSomewhat stuckI hope he won’t run awayI sawIs Mr. Muhdi coming? the fishMaşallah Maşallah Muhdi brotherCome on . . . . Come onThe app is coming. Flag Fish Come dad come The fish with flags has arrived . . . May this fish come to those who miss itMay it come to those who miss. Flag FishCongratulations brotherHulloA big fish seal brotherThere must be around half a kiloYes, half a pound of fishLet our audience decide thisWe don’t catch such small fishWe do not catch small fish and show. We don’t show, like some of themYes let’s continue muhdi brotherLet us release the small fishWe release the little fish, friendsWe got it . . . Aaaa came here, look at the fishYes we got itLet’s continueYes, the commander continues shootingWe continue. Come on brother, it was a very nice shot. not installedI hope the beautiful fish is worth a good shot. BrotherAgainst raging watersSprinkler will try to saveHow hard it iswalkingIs there anythingIt is not clear from the current. He says it is not clear from the current. Very running watergivinKeeps fightingActually there is a piece of woodGood luck, let’s continue . . . Yes, brotherFriends continue shooting Yes, friends who will make another shotBeautifulIs there ?Even if there is no leakBig brother, maybe a big fish hit him, I’m telling for himLets continueYes, we can continue anyway. so beautiful Nobody? :)Anyone hear my voice?Aloooooo? :)Alooooo? : =)They say it was crazy for definite fishFriends, by the way, muhdi brotherThespianHe doesn’t do it professionally, butDoing as a hobbysometimes he makes beautiful jokesWe thank him. Couldn’t you make a bro?Someone knocked on the doorI say seriously if it doesn’t go awayWe are at home, we are at home, waitLet’s take a look :)I hope the fish with the flag Israeli carp?No wooden fishLet’s seeTwoThey knocked so much the doorOur welcome coffee is ready :)Yes, beautiful fish sealI guess this is what you call a guestThese knocked on the door of course who will knockYou thought whaleIn the water but these knock on the doorDo not believe in advertising, I will eat if my father leavesLet’s see if his father comes out and eatRightYes, these are full-fry fishThese do not grow any more. Woodfish does not grow any moreGrows a little moreWe will give them Ramadan evening dresses that we promisedEat them for dinnerYes, brotherWe came to a little islet Will shoot from here

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