Catching a Huge Bass, Fishing for First Time on Bull Shoals lake!

Let me start this intro by saying, forgive our excitement after the catch, but this was one of our trips where we saw a big fish early, and came back to catch it!! After a frustrating 3 hours of bass fishing on Bull Shoals, my son, Westin Yancey and I decided to go back and fish a shallow cut on the main lake where he thought he saw a 7-8 pound bucketmouth in 3′ of clear water. We had fished it around 5 pm, and Wes had a big fish come up on his spinnerbait and then shy off! We decided we’d come back later! See the hookup at about 1:45 and the release of this nice bedding fish at 3:19! Also, be sure to see and hear the full story at around 3:30 on the video!
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