Catching BIG BASS with former NFL Player Brian Robison

– What are
we doing today, Brian?- We are going fishing with my buddyB-Rob. Brian Robinson. – Where we fishing at, though?- Ex-football player of the NFL. Good dude, lover of all things fishing. We’re on some random lake in Minnesota,and the past two times
that we have been fishing,Brian has said, Dude I am on ’em. Gonna smash ’em. Well, both of those times
ended in very poor results,so, today, he also claims thatwe might not catch a lot of fish,but we should catch some big ones. It’ll be mixed bag,
large mouth, small mouth. So we’ll see, third time’s a charm!That’s what he claiming. So we should smash them today. – Top of the morning to ya, fellas. – Top of the morning to ya. – Y’all sleep in?- Yeah, did you?- No!- What time did you get up?
– Actually, I did. I did.
I hit snooze- What time did you get up?I slept til 4:15. – Ew, you have issues. – The good issue’s- That I got up and got after it. – Uh huh, how many pre-workouts
you drink this morning?- Just one, once scoop,
or two scoops a pump. – Two scoops a pump!
– Yeah!- What kinda pump you talking about?- A pump. – My intro?- Yeah. What
we doing, where are we at?What are we about to do?- We’re on Lake None Yabusinessin the city of Don’t Worryboutit. – We’ll need to cut outall those signs we passed earlier. – Damn it!I have to blur out the lake?- We’re here in Western Minnesotaon a small mouth slash large mouth lake. Today, we’re gonna fish some rocks. We’re gonna fish the grass line,and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. . . – There’s a lot of hopefullies in there. – One more, hopefully, we get a mixed bag,somewhere around five to 20 pounds. Listen, the challenge here
is catching fish with Polony’cause I haven’t had a good track record. – This is work. – Work. – Yeah. – Somebody’s got to do it, dude. – Somebody’s got do it. – The dude is unemployed. – I am. – He’s trying to get a new job. – Yeah, it’s been going okay, actually,but not with this guy. – Today, it’s gonna change. – If we don’t catch them
today, it’s his fault. – I’d do the
same thing after we’re done. – Okay, get outta the drivers seat. ♪ Even though I’m good and ready ♪♪ Able to deliver whatever ♪♪ The situation is calling for ♪♪ I am capable of more
than playing roles ♪♪ Awkward, then it’s our
turn ♪ ♪ To do the opposite ♪♪ Now it’s very obvious ♪
♪ Who can hold they own ♪♪ I just gotta go off on it ♪♪ I just know to put the sauce on it ♪♪ I don’t care about the cost on it ♪♪ I just gotta get lost on it ♪- Adam, Adam,snap in the tube. – I
mean, right by the boulder. I saw the fish bite. Oh, we got him that time!- That small mouth
did know what just hit him. No idea what just hit him. Someone’s alarm’s going off. – Yeah, it was eight o’clock. – You notice how I caught that fish,and the alarm’s going off?- Uh huh.
– I knew what time it was. – You knew what
time they were gonna bite. He’s that dialed in folksHe’s that dialed in- Well if anything else. I say we go in and eat breakfast now. – it’s a better start to our
previous, our previous trips. – I’m Nestle White Chocolate. – No sir,Melts in your mouth and your hand- What?- Aha – Shot for eight hourshad no audio that we could use. ♪ I just know to put the sauce on it ♪♪ I don’t care about the cost on it ♪♪ I just gotta get lost on it ♪♪ I’m just trying to break loose ♪♪ I’m about to light the fuse ♪♪ I just need me a cup ♪- Alright. – Draw it in. That’s a
golden. Oh Bass tonight. Yeah! Looky Looky- How sweet is that? – That is what happens
when you fish with me. I put them on the fish. – That’s a small mouth floss baby. – Oh got one! Finally. – You get one?- He’s a little gun shy now. – Double- Double- Mines little. Hey coming in hot. – Yep- Coming in hot a at the go bro. – You smoke me on the size though. – Look, this is like
a direct representation of between him and me. Between the fish and the fish. It’s a direct representation,- It really is though – Uh oh! Got one. – Yep,Green Head. – Another one, two jabs in a row. – Yep, that one looks a little better. – Oh, Aha oh, Ah oh, aha oh. – B-Rob is on
the flipping vibe today. – That’s how you come back,that’s how you come back from defeat. – Are you digging
through B-Rob’s snacks?Are you eating B-Rob’s snacks?- What’s he doing?- is he eating your snacks?- Eating my snacks?- Is he
eating both snacks out of- No, I put my food, my lunch in there. – Eating my snacks. – No, no look I put my lunch in there. – No I was just reading
this, I put this down. – No, What’s in
your hand? it was in your hand. – No, its a waffle. – What else, what did you just eat?- What did you eat?- Some Triscuits. – Well looks like you ate it. – I am going to fucking die. – Got him. – He’s big. – I think it’s a decent bro. – Yeah put him on the,
put him on the deck baby. Put him on the deck in the rain. – That’s crazy. – There we go. – Hey Bob, hey Bob. Come say hello Bob. – Yeah buddy, high five. – High five!- High five to you friend. – Your really going tell
us there is no fishing. Can you believe that?- Ask and you shall receive. I don’t know what he was on but. – I definitely made him pay for it. – Yes you did. You made him pay for all ofhis brothers, cousins and sisters mistakes – Hey there little fella. Hey there, this party is not over. This party is far from over. – North Green, Northern Large
Mouth Bass from Philadelphia. – I watched him come out and
I could not reel fast enough. – Oh there’s a Bass,
god I can’t get him in. Oh my hitter is going to work now. – Look how mad he is- That what I’m talking about. – Yeah, we broke our curse
third times a charm B-Rob – That was awesome. – Your carpet’s
got some grass on it- Yeah I see it.
– It’ll be alright- Bro, appreciate it. – Thanks,- We’ll do it again. – Yep, good times. – Always a pleasure man. – Good stuff. – Kyle, till meet again. – Yeah brother- Appreciate it. – Nice meeting you- Thank you again- What was that?- I said get in the truck Kyle. – I just finished up fishing
with B-Rob, Bryan Robinsonand heading back to the camper. Get packed up and hit the road again. But had a pretty dang fun
day hanging out with themand fishing on his boat. Filming for his YouTube
series that he has. And so he has a YouTube series
called The Transition Season. Where he’s transitioning
from professional footballinto fishing. Because he’s originally from
Texas, die hard fisherman. So make sure you guys
keep a eye of that video. Should be dropping not
too long after this one. So keep a eye for that one on his channel. Go subscribe to his, and make sureif haven’t already
subscribe to our channel. Like, comment,and then be on the watch outfor the Red Crests video
coming up after this one. We just finished up fishing
Red Cress about three days ago. That’s one just going to take
a little longer to edit so. Make sure you guys stay tuned
good stuff coming up the pipe. – Peace. – Peace – ♪ It goes lights, camera, action ♪♪ When I step into the lime light ♪♪ Easily adapted to the high life ♪- Sweet Caroline,- Ba, ba, ba- So good,- So good,- So good

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