Catching Big Largemouth at Table Rock Lake Memorial Day Sunday

Catching Big Largemouth at Table Rock Lake Memorial Day Sunday. Watch the short video below!

The Bass were biting on Table Rock Lake, late afternoon Memorial Sunday (May 26th, 2019) fishing trip with my son Westin Yancey and our friend Brent Jenkins.
A little MLF like tournament from 5 to 8 pm was me, Randy Yancey versus them!
Won’t believe the results!

No wind but lots of roller waves from the big cruisers all over this part of the lake.We decided since Wes was having a big motor battery problem, that we would just fish either side of the ramp there at Mill Creek.

I decided to fish ‘west’ and Wes and Brent went east toward the campgrounds/swimming areas.

Nice day in the high 70’s, water temp from 74-78 degrees. Wind variable from the south/southwest.

Caught my first ‘near 3 pound ‘ largemouth on my first cast at 5:03 pm.
Threw into 4-5 foot of water with boat paralleling the somewhat steeper bank.
Lots of shelf rocks and some bushes in the water as well as a laydown every once and awhile.

Gear: 13fishing Origin C Baitcaster, 7BBs, 8:1.1 Gears on a
Browning Safari 7’ MHeavy, Fast Action rod with Berkley Transition 12# Flouro.

All bass caught on the Spro RockCrawler 55 in Green/Brown Phantom color.
Catfish bit a Rapala Dt10 in ‘Mule’ color.

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