Chicagoland Fishing Show 2020 Bass Fishing Fundamentals Seminar by Oliver Ngy

Hello Everybody! I’m Oliver Ngy and welcome to my YouTube Channel! Most of you are new to this Channel, and probably follow the @BigBassDreams channel of which I’ve been a BIG part of. Please subscribe to this channel and continue watching all the content that will continue to live on the BBD platforms as we have some great content creators generating unique videos for you guys there.

I wanted to upload one of my seminars from the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel and Outdoor show in January of 2020. Thank you to everybody that took time out of their day to come attend the show. Appreciated every single person that engaged with me, sat in on a seminar, said hello, and I hope to be back next year! Make sure to contact the show organizers and let them know, and if you have a show in your backyard reach out to them and request that I come through so we can hang out!

This is part 1 with the focus on the Fundamentals of Bass Fishing, a topic I hold in HIGH regard that many people overlook. Some underwater perspective through the tank helps us visualize pieces of the puzzle to help us all fool one of the most challenging sport fish in the world, a trophy largemouth bass! The thing is, these fundamentals apply to any trophy target species.

Part 2 will be uploaded to my Patreon account ONLY for those that directly support the projects that I’m working on. That seminar is on some more advanced trophy bass fishing tactics.

Deep Dive into my 2nd seminar and episodes of “The Green Room” on my Patreon account – bit.ly/2Exlb9u

This channel will be focused on my own personal fishing, business and some personal adventures and insight, similar to the difference you may see in the content between the @OliverNgy and @BigBassDreams pages on Instagram.


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