Choosing Bass Fishing Setups For Rising Muddy Water In The Spring

Tackle breakdown on how I choose setups, lures, colors for new rising, muddy water in the spring. We go through Big Bait options with the Defiant 232 & Defiant 210 Swimbaits, 7 inch weedless spark shad, Megabass jerkbaits, Megabass crankbaits, Megabass Spinnerbaits and Megabass Jigs.

You can find the Megabass lures and rods through the links below!

2019 Megabass Levante Casting Rods –

2019 Megabass Levante Spinning Rods-

Sunline PEx8 Braided Line 50lb & 16lb –

Sunline FC Flourocarbon Leader 16lb & 20lb –

Megabass Hard Baits-

Decoy Egg Snap –


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