Comparing Bass Baits to Live Crayfish UNDERWATER

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This video compares a wide range of popular bass fishing crayfish presentations next to live crayfish underwater. The purpose is to help anglers gain a better sense of how different baits perform and imitate crayfish, and when each may be appropriate for various fishing situations. *See FEATURED PRODUCT links at the bottom.

Host McKeon Roberts introduces each bait from a variety of lure categories to include soft plastics, jig and plastic pairings, crankbaits, Neko rigs, skirted bass jigs, swinging jigs (wobble head, Tokyo Rig, bladed jigs and more. As McKeon notes, there’s no ‘best’ crayfish bait for all situations. Some are extreme anatomical and color matches (match the hatch) while others are abstractions of the real thing and offer unique fish-triggering attributes.

FEATURED PRODUCT (in order of appearance):
-Plano A-Series 2.0 Backpack:
-Z-Man CrawDadZ (Discontinued). Good substitute: Z-Man Punch CrawZ:
-Mustad Grip-Pin Ned Jig Head:
-Z-Man TurboCrawZ:
-Mustad Football Head:
-Savage Gear 3D Craw:
-VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook:
-VMC Half Moon Weight:
-VMC Neko Rings:
-WOO! Tungsten Nail Weights:
-Gene Larew Salt Craw:
-Z-Man TRD CrawZ:
-VMC Neko Ring:
-Gary Yamamoto PsychoDad:
-VMC Tokyo Rig:
-VMC Tungsten Flippin Weight:
-Gene Larew Hammer Craw:
-13 Fishing Ninja Tail Craw:
-Z-Man TurboCrawZ:
-Lunkerhunt Descend Series Craw:
-Gene Larew Biffle HardHead:
-Gene Larew Biffle Bug:
-13 Fishing Rabbit Ear Wobble Craw:
-Culprit Incredi-Punch:
-Mustad Grip-Pin Max 3X Punch Hook:
-WOO! Tungsten Never Chip Flipping Weight:
-13 Fishing Ninja Tail Craw:
-13 Fishing Cliff Banger 70 Crankbait:
-Strike King KVD HC Square Bill Silent Crankbait:
-13 Fishing Scamp 2.5 Sqaurebill Crankbait:
-MEGABASS X Dad Crankbait (Discontinued)
-Z-Man CrossEyeZ Football Head Jig:
-Z-Man TurboCrawZ:
-Terminator Shuddering Bait:
-13 Fishing Ninja Tail Craw:
-Mercury Dockline Store:

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