Crankbait Fishing: What You Need To Know

Equipment links…
-Cousin’s Tackle Rod:
-Shimano Reel:
-Seaguar Line:

Product Links…
-IMA Pinjack 200:
-Rapala DT6:
-Norman Middle N:
-Storm Wiggle Wart:
-Fat John 60:
-KVD 1.5 crank:
-Split ring pliers:
-Gamakatsu hooks:

Song: Sell Soul — Artist: Graves x Oshi

Thanks for watching today episode folks. Not the hottest joint on the block but there is still some good knowledge mentioned in this short vid. Apply these tips on your local lakes and rivers. I can almost guarantee you will find success. Just a little heads up to all you special folk out there reading this I will be ice fishing 3 days straight this weekend WHICH MEANS…I should have a few more ice videos up. If not, it means I lost all my ice fishing mojo and I’m selling all my gear. Thanks for watching and as always keep fishing, never stop.
–Young Plug


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