DEEP Structure BASS Fishing SECRETS! Mark Davis TELLS ALL!

STRUCTURE is NOT COVER. That’s the first thing to understand when talking about fishing deep water structure for bass. Cover is grass, wood or things like that, structure is bottom contour changes: humps, points, ledges, creek channels and other changes in the slope of the bottom. Particularly in certain seasons, bass and bait relate strongly to various structure. Years ago, we only had red line flashers and paper maps. Of course, electronics have come a long way with advanced gps, sonar, downscan, sidescan, structure scan and more from manufacturers like Lowrance ( Learn the pro’s secrets for finding bass on deep water structure, when Mark Davis uses down-imaging, side-imaging (structure scan) and more.

Want to watch this full 1 hour seminar and step up your offshore structure fishing game? Catch more bass in deep water, locate fish faster, and learn which baits Mark Davis throws to catch the GIANT bass out of the school FIRST!