Denali Rod N2 Series Review | On the Water Smallmouth Bass

Watch UnderCover Sportsman on his Denali Rod N2 Review. We picked up a pair of Denali N2 Series Rods this week from our guys over at Denali and put them to the test right away. Come along as we hit the Willamette River for some Smallmouth Bass using a 7 Medium Multi Purpose Spincast and a 7’4 Cranking rod. Between the two rods we were able to fish a variety of baits. On the cranking rod we threw a variety of Crankbaits, Spinner Bait and Top Water lures all day long with ease. On the Spin Cast we were most impressed with its versatility. Not only was the rod capable of handling a drop shot rig, but we also landed several of our Smallmouth on a more finesse tube lure set up. On this day of fishing, the bite was very subtle, and without the sensitivity of the Denali N2 Rod series. We just may have gotten skunked.

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