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Denali Rods N2 Series
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When I was a kid my dad would take me fishing. Much like a lot of kids growing up in the Mid-west. I had someone like him to take me out and teach me how to fish, show me how to tie the knots and point out the good structure to cast to.

I often wonder how people can not like to fish. But the more I fish. The more I began to realize. To realize how important the “Catching” part in fishing is for most people. See, a lot of kids were not as fortunate to have a father who know how to fish like mine. We were “Catching” more then we were “Fishing” most of the time.

Now days, I don’t care if I am out for a week without a bite. I just enjoy the chase. But this was one of those “Catching” days that reminded me of why I Bass Fish.

We were catching these Smallmouth Bass on the Willamette River in Oregon. The fish were schooling off a point and nailing everything I threw at them.Top Water. Drop Shot. Jerk bait and more. Enjoy.


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