DOMINATE Bass Fishing Tournaments with Jerkbaits!?!

DOMINATE Bass Fishing Tournaments with Jerkbaits!?!

Check out our YouTube channel at ‘Largemouth Bass Nation on YouTube’ and
enter our ‘Year of Lures’ giveaway going on now!!

Attention, I want you to try these Chubby slider skirted bullet heads the next time you throw a T rig! This may change the way you Texas Rig, Forever!

Go here, https://largemouthbassnation.com/sliderspecial/

A very limited time offer and we do reserve the right to substitute colors or weights but will try to get as close as inventories allow. Offer can be cancelled at any time or when inventory is gone!

So many people consider jerkbaits to be a cold water technique, primarily for winter and prespawn period. Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing


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