Extreme Winter Bass Fishing (50+ Feet Deep/38 Degree Water) BLADE BAIT

The goin’ got tough so I got goin’…into some deep cold water!!! Winter bass fishing is here and it took no time for the water temps to dip below 40 degrees. Winter bass fishing requires a completely different mind set, but if you decide you want to challenge yourself, it can be very rewarding. The blade bait was the technique of choice and found it’s way into the abyss where the cold bass were hangin’ out in 40 to 50+ feet of water. Don’t forget to use line conditioner in cold weather! On your braid too…


*Links to some of the bait & tackle I use

Here are a few Blade Bait options to consider that won’t break the bank. Depending on your conditions, they do get hung up and lost quite a bit, so have a few on hand.

Silver Buddy:

*Heddon Sonar Lure’s:
*Johnson ThinFisher Blade Bait:
*Blitz Blade:
*Cotton Cordell Gay Blade:

*Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbo Line:
*Sunline SX1 Braid:
*Shimano Stradic Reel:
*St. Croix Legend Tounament Rods:
*Line Conditioner:
*Line Cutters:

*North Face Jacket:

*My camera equipment:

*Current GoPro equivalent:
*External Audio Mic:
*Open Side Skeleton Housing:
*GoPro Chest Mount:

*Boat Accessories:

*Equivalent Lowrance Depth/Fishfinder:
*Battery for Lowrance:
*Trolling Motor:

Pelican Bass Raider Boat Review:

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