Fall Bass Fishing with a Texas Rig Craw & Abu Garcia Baitcaster

Fall Bass Fishing with a Texas Rig Craw & Abu Garcia Baitcaster

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Fall bass fishing can be slow, but using a Texas Rig Craw on the Abu Garcia Baitcaster, I am able to make a little something happen. After Texas Rigging my Crawfather craw and fishing near the dock, I manage to catch one largemouth bass. Right after I do, a guy comes walking over and starts fishing 20 ft away. Go Figure. After fishing the bank for a while longer I finally get another bite, but it jumps off the hook. When the park fills up with boaters I try my luck at a new park but dont catch anything. This slow bass fishing in the fall can be tough. With My Abu Garcia in hand, and a Texas Rig Craw tied on, I turn nothing into something, small.

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