Fastach X-Rig | Jika Rig | Bass Fishing

Hi. How are you doing? We’re here at ICAST
2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have a very interestingproduct I’d like to show you. It’s called
a Fastach connector. I am actually the inventorof this product. Have you ever had a snap pop pull open, or
it’s very difficult to do, especially whenyour fingers are cold? Let me show you a system
that’s really simple. There’s nothing to openand nothing to close. I just happen to have
one right here. You can see it. It’s verysimple and very easy. One little twist, and
it’s off. That’s how simple it is. There’snothing to open and nothing to close. Let me show you how I can attach it to a lure.
Now, this is a large lure. It’s a pretty largelure that you would, say, use for muskie fishing.
Okay. Let me show you. It’s actually verysimple. You just put it on to the eyelet,
one little twist of the arm, and it’s done. Pronto. That will not come off. Just trust
me. It’s almost impossible to get it off. Even if the fish rolls, twists, jumps, turns,
pulls on it, it’s not going anywhere. That’show simple it is. We are using this concept
on a lot of other products. Let me show youone that’s really, really interesting. What you are seeing here in the tank is called
our Fastach X-Rig. It’s like the Jika Rigconcept that came out of Japan, but we made
some changes to it to make it a lot better. You can see how nicely that works in the water.
The reason for that is that there is no weighton the hook itself. Watch what happens when
you jig it up and down. The bait really fallsvery slowly because there’s actually no weight
on the hook itself. Let me show you what it is up close. You will
notice here, it has a weight that’s connectedto the hook, but the weight is not actually
on the hook. What we have done is we’ve puta Fastach connector that lets you have the
ability of simply changing the weight by onelittle twist. You notice here, also, we give
you the ability to change the hook also. Thereason for that is you need to match the size
of the hook or type of the hook to the typeof bait you are going to use. Also, if you
roll the hook, you can simply just changethe hook instead of throwing the rig away. I tell you, it is a fantastic concept. Now,
if you happen to get the weight to flip overto the bait, it will not affect the bait itself
or twist the hook around because there’s actuallya swivel that lets it move around so the hook
is always in the vertical position. Everytime you set this up, I guarantee you are
not going to miss the fish. This is actuallya fantastic concept. It’s called a Fastach
X-Rig. Don’t go fishing without it if youwant to catch fish.

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