Finding Fish on Falcon Lake

– From
Mexico to Louisiana,The Red River down
to the Laguna Madre,Texas is one big playground. Join professional bass fishermanand three-time FLW angler
of the year Clark Wendlandtas he takes you on some of
the best outdoor adventuresthe Lone Star
State has to offer. This is Fishing
and Hunting Texas. – Hey we just put our
boat in Falcon Lake. A lake that’s synonymous
with big bass in Texas. And, you know, when we got
here, the lake is extremely low. There’s only one boat
ramp, the city ramp,that you can put in at. But as soon as I put
my boat in the water,I turned on my Garmin GPSMAP
7612, bait everywhere. Pretty shallow, kinda in
that five to 10 foot range. The wind is howling today,
and since it’s howlingwe’re probably gonna be
limited to fishing shallow. It’s what I like doing anyway. Thanks for joining us, this
is Fishing and Hunting Texas. So the first thing I
noticed when we put our boatin the water is, is that
there’s bait everywhere. You know my Garmin
7612 just lights up. I mean, lights up with fish,
bait, I can see everything. And the thing about
it is, is, you know,we’ve had a lot of rain
in Texas this year,but Falcon is pretty low. You know, the times I’ve
been there recently,the water’s been pretty high. But this time it was really
low, and it falls really fast. When they start dropping
water out of that lake,I mean, it falls
really really fast. But when you looked at it lookedlike you could just fish shallow
cover and just catch ’em. When I mean shallow cover,
I mean there’s laydowns,there’s not a lot of laydownsbut there’s a lot of hardwoods,
lotta wood sticking up. And then there’s a lot
of rock, shallow rock,and I’m thinking, squarebill. You know one thing I
really like to do iswhen I’m fishing a lake that
I think’s got big fish in it,is I like to change my hooks,and put on the treble
that’s strong enoughto deal with these big fish. I’m fishing a squarebill
on Falcon Lake,probably one of the renowned
big bass factories of America. And I’m gonna use
Owner double X strong. This is actually a number one. Treble hooks for bass is usuallya six is the smallest
you usually use. Four and then you go to a
two, and then number one. This is number one
double X strong. These hooks are extremely strongand when I put these on
here, I don’t have to worryabout a fish pulling off
because a hook opens up. I know I’m gonna have to put
a lot of pressure on him,but I can catch him. There’s one. Whooo. First fish of the day. Just on a windy
stretch right here. We are fishing Falcon Lake, so. Ooh. So a little two pounder,is not all that much
to be excited about,but, it is a bite. And you gotta start somewhere. When we start fishing and
we catch one pretty fast,you know, on the 4. 0, you
know it’s a two pounderand we go up a little fartherand catch another
one on a hardwood. But you know Falcon’s a
pretty good sized lake,and even though the
wind was blowing,I just thought, hey, I need
to look at the whole lakeand anytime I go to a place,I rarely wanna
just put my boat inand just fish the creek
that I’m putting my boat in. I wanna experience all
over the lake so thatas I try to figure out what
the pattern’s gonna be,I’ve got a lot of different
samples to go from. A lot of time you stick yourselfjust to one part of the lake,and you never get on the
pattern you need to get on. Been out here only
about 20 minutesand already caught two, probably
missed two or three others. I love a good lake. – Well
it’s still earlybut Clark is starting to
put some things together. Coming up, the shallow
water bite gets really good,right here on Fishing
and Hunting Texas. Fishing and Hunting Texas
is brought to you byBass Pro Shops, your
adventure starts here. Ranger Boats, still building
legends one at a time. And by Garmin, fight your
fish, not your fish finder. Welcome back to Fishing
and Hunting Texas. We’re with Clark Wendlandt
on Falcon Reservoir. Now once the hottest
lakes in the country,Falcon is still a
pretty good destination. You just need to be patientand willing to do
a little looking. But the fish are still there. – We started runnin’
and, you know,we’d catch a fish
every once in a while. And we tried shallow, we
tried deep, we tried flippin’. We did just a little
bit of squarebillin’on some of those trees. Not a lot of success. We’d catch one every
once in a while,usually on shallow rock. But it was evident
to me, you know,I know Falcon’s a good lake. It wadn’t a lotta
fish on that cover. And I saw some fish out deep,but I just wadn’t
getting very many bites. And as we ended up
that day, you know,we headed back, we got
back towards the boat ramp,and I just thought,
you know, hey,let’s try some of
these hardwoods. And we just started
getting out andthrowing a squarebill
on hardwood. And right at the
end of that day,I started getting a few clues. And I ended up catching
two or three fisharound those hardwoods
on squarebill. I actually went to a
2. 5, instead of a 4. 0. I just liked it, fact that
it came through the waterjust a little bit faster. Another one on a squarebill. You know, I just
love a squarebill. You can crank it
around anything. These are just
trees kinda out on abig flat. See if we can get another one. You know on that squarebill,a lot of times what
I think about is,is the bait
deflecting off stuff?And what I want it to do is
deflect and deflect a lot. So you can’t be scared
to cast in heavy cover. You can’t throw it in
the middle of a bush,because it’s obviously
gonna not do very well. But when you’re comin’
around those laydown logsand those trees that
are just, you know,a tree with a few branches,you can wind it
right through thereand 95% of the time
it’s not gonna get hung. Oh! How many times are
you gonna jump? Look how deep he ate that plug. Alright. That’s a good one right there. You know everybody
thinks that finding fish,you know, I’m just
gonna come out hereand just find ’em
just real easily. Finding fish takes time. And it doesn’t matter
what you’re doin’,what lake you’re
fishin’, it takes time. And you know I haven’t fished
this lake in a long time. Any place I go fishing,
tournaments or just
fishing for fun,it takes time to find fish. And you’ve gotta let every
bite tell you something. Every, you know, fishing an areaand not catching anything
tell you something. And then hopefully you
get more dialed in. We’ve started getting
more and more bites today. I feel like we’ve got a
little something going. We’re gonna come back tomorrow,see if we can really
catch ’em, stay tuned. – Now if you’ve
got a question for Clark,you can reach out to him on theFishing and Hunting
Texas Facebook page. Or look up his blog atfishingandhuntingtexas. comThis portion of Fishing
and Hunting Texasis brought to you in part by
Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. By Strike King. And by Sawyer Products,
Sawyer, we keep you outdoors. Welcome back, we’re in deep
south Texas on Falcon Reservoir. Long known as one of the
best big fish lakes in Texas. In 2008, the Bassmaster
Elite Series was held here,and Paul Elias won, setting
the four day tournament recordwith a total weight
of 132 pounds8 ounces.
– Little guy. Up there pretty shallow. – Now we’re not
on a fish like that today. But they still swim here. And with the right
tools and knowledge,you can still catch a good bag. – You know boat control’s
everything in wind like this. It’s just tough, because,you know you’re getting
blown in the trees,you’re getting blown around. Hittin’ trees. But catchin’ fish. The area we were fishing
in wasn’t gigantic,and so I didn’t think there wasjust a large quantity
of fish right there. I thought I was gonna
have to move around. So I take off, I run down
the lake about 10 miles,the very first
stretch I pull up on’sgot a lotta hardwoods on it. I start crankin’, and
pretty quick into the dayI catch a four pounder. And when I say pretty quickI mean about five
minutes into the day. There’s one. No, I can’t even get that
one in here, it’s so big. Look at that,
we’ve been fishing,five minutes. And the wind’s
blowing pretty hard,that’s the only bad thing. You know when you’re
in trees like thisand the wind’s
blowing it’s just hardbecause it’s bumping
you into stuff and,it’s hard to fish, but,maybe that’s some indicationof what we’re gonna catch today. God, the light’s
beautiful right here, man,look at the light on that
fish, that’s awesome. So then we start working
through that stretchand we just start catching. I mean one after
another after another. Fish after fish and I got
in a couple little stretcheswhere, I mean, it
was every cast. And I’m talking about in
two to four foot of water. Ah, come here. Choked it. You know a lotta times when
you’re crankin’ shallow wood,what happens is, is it’s
kind of all about angles. I like angles, you know,
you’re lookin’ for angles. You see there’s a
laydown tree right here,well the problem with
that laydown tree is,is that it doesn’t give
you a good way to castthe way I was coming in to it. So now I’ve kind of
worked around it,and I can work more down
it, make casts good into it. You know I could
cast on the end good. And my suspicion is,
is there’s probably oneright in the center of it
and I may end up flippin’ it. But what you try to do is,is just kind of
work those angles. It’s all about the way
that bait goes by the fish. What he’s doing is, is he’s justgonna bite it when
it comes by him. But it’s gotta come
by him the right way. I’m gonna flip this tree,
see if I can catch one. And just remember,
it’s all about angles. There he is! I got him, he wasn’t
right in the center of it. That was a Strike King Hack
Attack heavy cover jig. Got a big ol’ giant hook
on it, good weed guard. Not a giant one, two pounder. I still betcha there’s
another one in thereand I’m gonna see if
I can get him too. There ya. It’s a good one here. Nah, not as big as I thought. I mean a nice one. I always tell people when
you’re unhooking fish,the thing you gotta do,is you try to
immobilize that bait. If you grab the bait, a lotta
times you can get the fish. A lot easier. Not a bad fish. You know you talk
about Falcon Lake,Falcon Lake is a
lake that has justhad an unbelievable
run over the past,say, six, eight, 10 years. And what’s been going
on with it is is that,I mean there’s just
so much bait here. And the water fluctuates a lot. You see all this cover
that we been fishin’,it’s not real thick, but
when the water comes up high,there’s all kinds of
stuff that gets flooded. And as soon as it
goes back down,all that stuff
starts growing again. That brush just grows
and grows and grows. So there’s always good cover
for those fish to spawn around. There’s always tons of bait. This lake is just
one of those lakesthat’s just blessed
with a lot of bait. – Coming
up, we’ll wrap upthings from Falcon Reservoir. And then take a look at the
gear that made it happen,right here on Fishing
and Hunting Texas. This portion of Fishing
and Hunting Texasis brought to you in
part by TH Marine. By Engel Coolers, a
legend in reliability. And by Power-Pole,
swift, silent, secure. Welcome back to Fishing
and Hunting Texasfrom Falcon Reservoir an
83,000 acre impoundmenton the Rio Grande River. – You know when we
came away from Falconthe thing that I
kinda decided was,you know, it wasn’t
a good first day. But our second day, I mean I
woulda called it a great day. We only fished for about
five or six hours that day. We caught ’em
squarebillin’ which isone of my very
favorite ways to fish. And, you know, I came
away thinking it was areally good day. The crankbait was
definitely the key. Ooh there’s one. Gah, ahhh. Oh really now. Come on now. Oh that’s a good one! Ooh, that’s a Falcon
Lake good one. Oh come here, come over here. Now what happened yesterday. Aw, that guy. What happened yesterday is,really most of the day
didn’t go that great. But right at the end of the
day we started catching ’em. And when we started catching
’em, I kinda thought, well,let’s come back
today, get out here,get one some of
these wood flats,kinda thing I love to do,throw a big squarebill. That ain’t no little one there. We’re gonna get a
picture of this, let him go. You know you’re fishing any lakeyou haven’t been to in a while,one thing you do is, is
you just gotta cover water. Yesterday we found some fish,
we fished just the afternoon,we ran all over this place. We fished shallow, deep,it wadn’t like we
caught ’em everywhere. You know, we caught
six or seven,had a five pounder right
at the end of the day. My thought was, alright,
hey, we got something going. This happens to me in
tournaments all the time,you’ve gotta start somewhere. You gotta get a bite somehow. And so, we started
getting bites,and then I thought, well,
maybe we can make that work. We didn’t have all that
much time to fish today. We pulled up on a stretch of
wood and they were biting. It was good. Ended it with a, you
know, six or seven poundercaught, you know,
say 20, 25 fish. I woulda called it a great day. Had some other decent ones
in there and so, you know,it wadn’t like
Falcon eight pounder,eight pounder, eight pounder. But, hey, it was a
great fishing day,we enjoyed bringing it to
ya, thanks for joining us. I wanna talk about
my tackle setup,you know when I got
here I was thinkin’,I’ll probably be able to
catch fish a variety of ways. And I probably could,
we had a lotta wind. And the squarebill
ended up, by far,outproducing any
other bait we had. We caught a few on a Hack
Attack heavy covered jig. But for the most part
it was the squarebill. I wanna talk about my bait. This bait’s a
Strike King KVD 2. 5. And I started, when
I first got here,I started with the 4. 0’s,
a new bait by Strike King,it’s a little bit
bigger profile. Falcon’s got big fish,
I was thinkin’ big. And I caught some on it. But I ended up liking
the depth of 2. 5runs a little bit better. What happens with
a squarebill is,is when it comes
through the water itdoesn’t just track like
this really straight. It actually comes and it
kinda corrects and it correctsand it corrects and it
corrects and it corrects. And it’s always jumpin’,
it kinda jumps like thatwhen you see it go
through the water. And that’s what
triggers strikes. It jumps off rocks, it
jumps off wood also. But it also jumps on its own,so a lot of times with a
squarebill you can catch ’em,whether it’s, you know,
you’re hittin’ somethingor you’re not hittin’ something. My rig up here is
I replace my hooks,I’ve got a number
two Owner ST-36,a great, very sharp,
strong treble. I love the hooks. The 2. 5 and then my line setup,and the line was
pretty critical,I’m using Sunline 16 pound
Shooter Fluorocarbon. It’s a very abrasion
resistant fluorocarbon. It gets down through
the water goodbecause it’s a dense line, it
actually sinks in the water. So I like crankin’
with fluorocarbon. The bites, a lotta times,
I’d hook those fishand they’d be in that tree
and I could just hang on. I didn’t have to pull real hard. And then finally
they’d come free. I don’t think I ever lost onethat got hooked in
a tree like that. As far as my rod
goes, I wanna show ya. This is a Tournament
ZX, but the key is,is that it’s a crank shaft rod. It’s a composite crankin’
rod that’s made for crankin’. And it’s not a real
real sensitive rod. It’s a rod that
when you get a bite,you won’t feel the
fish quite as goodand you notice a
lot of those fishhad that bait deep
down in their throat. As far as my reel goes,I like crankin’ that speed
bait there on a 6. 3:1. This is a Cabela’s Arachnid. And so that’s my tackle setup. You know, when I think
about squarebills,I think about water color. I liked it, when I see
the water color be clear,fairly green but
just a little dirtierthan just really clear
where I can’t see my bait,all the way in, when
they’re shallow,they’ll bite the heck out of it. Squarebill crankin’
that’s a fun way to fish. – If you’ve
got a question for Clark,reach out to him on theFishing and Hunting
Texas Facebook page. You can also check in
on his blog or watchyour favorite episodes at
fishingandhuntingtexas. com. Fishing and Hunting Texas
is a CarecoTV production.

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