Fish Jerkbaits like THIS to Draw Bass From Cover

There’s more to fishing jerkbaits than just twitch, twitch, pause. Dustin Connell tells us that even in cold water he’ll fish a jerkbait fast and erratically to draw bass from cover. Hard jerks and consistent rhythm will often trigger a reaction bite from bass even on days where the water temps leave bass lethargic. Choosing the right line weight is a fine line with jerkbaits and heavy cover but with the right selection you can still run the bait correctly and pull bass away from the cover when fighting the fish. Dustin fishes these deeper diving jerkbaits on a longer, softer rod, and a 6:3:1 gear ratio reel is key to get your rhythm dialed in for this exciting jerkbait tactic.

-6th Sense Provoke 106DD Jerkbait:
-ALX Deputy 7’1″ Medium Heavy Casting Rod:
-Shimano Curado 200 Casting Reel:
-Costa Del Mar Rafael (Blackout/W580 Slvr Mirror Glass):

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16 Replies to “Fish Jerkbaits like THIS to Draw Bass From Cover”

  1. Everyone in the comments has something negative to say about Dustin. Funny how he is RoY and consistently bringing in FAT BAGS to cash check.

  2. I catch giant bass in winter when it's °40 outside and I'll give it 2-3 light twitches then pause it for 5-9 seconds. Usually they slam it on the pause. Caught many 6-9 pounders. Vision 110 is my favorite

  3. At least catch a damn fish AND THEN do the video to at least give the appearance that the technique works.

  4. Don't upload a video if he's not going to tell us EXACTLY what he is using. Reel, line, rod. If he wanted a sponsor I would have put his application in the trash

  5. I use jerkbait caught a lots fishes this summer. But that makes my wrist so tired😆

  6. "Throw your crank bait right up near that timber". Feels like an April Fools video or a marketing plan by a crankbait lure company.

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