Fish Oils and Getting Pregnant Fast | जल्दी प्रेग्नेंट होने का तरीका

Fish Oils and Getting Pregnant Fast.
#HowtogetPregnantwithFishOil #FishOilandFertility #FishOilandPregnancy

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Fish Oil-
Sunflower seeds-
Sesame seeds-
Pumpkin seeds-
Flax seeds-
Black rasin-
Epsom Salt-
Apple cider Vinegar-
Herbal tea-
Raspberry tea-
Pregnancy Kit- Coconut Oil-
Fennel Seeds-
Flaxssed –
Lodhra powder-
chamomile tea-
Dalchini Powder-
Haldi powder-
Black salt-
Coconut oil-
MacaRoot Powder-
Castor Oil-
Giloy Juice-
Methi Seed-
Apple Cider Vinegar-
Green tea-
Pudina tea-
Licoric(Mulehi Tea
Fennel seeds(Sauf)-
Hot water bag-

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