FISHING FIGHTS/DISPUTES (Tharp vs Herren, Rojas vs Jones) part2

Here we have 2 more fishing fights/disputes:
1. Randall Tharp and Mathew Herren dispute over who had rights to a stretch of water on the final day of a Bassmaster Elite event with 100K up for grabs. (ALSO, in all fairness, I did cut the video but it would’ve shown the two making up and realizing the whole deal was just a big misunderstanding).
2. Dean Rojas and Alton Jones, well, more Dean Rojas trashing Alton Jones on encroachment of his sweet spot on the final day of a Bassmaster elite event with 100K up for grabs.

It seems this past year these incidents have been more prominent in the bass fishing tournament world-or at least getting more publicity (Other incidents include Ish Monroe and Keith Poche, Boyd Duckett and Kevin Langill, Boyd Duckett and Carl Jocumsen). I’m sure this has always been part of competitive bass fishing, although, some of the veteran pros seem to believe that fishing space and encroachment has been much more of an issue in the past 10 years.


Sorry for the quality of video and audio but it’s the best I could come up with right now.

All credit for video content to Bassmaster.

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