Fishing Jerkbaits in COLD Water

Fishing jerkbaits in COLD water! I went out to do some jerkbait fishing using one of the best jerkbaits on the market, the Megabass Vision 110. As early winter bass fishing is upon us, with surface water temps at 40 degrees, the bass want just a little more time to react to the bite. Using that Megabass jerkbait, I was able to find a decent school of largemouth bass off of a wind blown point. For those that are not familiar or overly confident with fishing suspending jerkbaits, I spend some time in between catching bass to explain what you should expect to feel when you get a bite on these lures. As well as some general winter bass fishing tips.

Hopefully, you find all of this information helpful, and also entertaining.

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Filming Equipment
Primary Camera: GoPro Hero4 Black
Secondary Camera: GoPro Hero4 Black
Third Camera when used: GoPro Hero3+ Silver
Audio recorder: Tascam DR-05 Digital Audio Recorder
Microphone: Giant Squid Lavalier Microphone


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