Fishing & Rigging Plastic Worms for Beginners – Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots! This series of videos is focused on taking things back to how we started long ago, from very HUMBLE beginnings. This look back at the fundamentals of how the DREAM started is meant to give those that are starting from the bottom a glimpse into what’s possible when you #AimHighDREAM Big and put in the WORK to realize DREAMS.

Today we visit Marc Higashi at Performance Tackle with Kelly Puppo to talk about Basic Fishing Fundamentals and going over rigging plastic worms for fishermen that are just getting their feet wet in this epic bass fishing game. It’s important to master the fundamentals before moving onto more complex techniques, there’s nothing more fundamental than fishing a plastic worm. Whether a plastic worm is rigged texas rigged, carolina rigged, wacky, drop shot or split shot it’s the most consistent fish catching lure in the tackle box. High percentage and applicable throughout the country.

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