Fishing with Johnny Johnson – Wild West Bass Tournament – Lake Havasu March 2019

-Well, good morning folks. Today’s a special day. We’re at the Wild West
Bass team tournament hereat Lake Havasu. And uh, we’re getting
ready to go out. We’re seven boats away. I got my good buddy
Andrew Napoleon. -Good morning. -Gonna fish with us today. -It’s gonna be a good
day, man. Beautiful day. -And uh, I’ll tell you
what, the wind was bad. We tried practicing
yesterday but it wasreally bad. Didn’t really do so hot
so we don’t have a lot oncamera there but, today
we gotta go get the limit. You’re gonna see
what it’s like,whether it’s good or bad,
we gotta try and get alimit today. So
that’s the plan. We’re here in March. You’d think a lot of
fish would be on beds. You know uh, last week the
tournament was won withfish on beds. But I couldn’t see
nothing yesterday,it was just way too windy. And uh, we’ve had a cold
front and a lot of windblow through, so we’ll
see what happens. Here we go, we’re
getting ready to go! -Got him!
-Got him?Finally. -I got him!-Finally!-I got him! All right! Come on Drew!-I’m coming. -Where you at?I don’t know, but
it’s a good fish. -Yeah? Which way you going?-Looks like a good fish. -Which way you going?-Don’t know yet. -Well, it’s a keeper. It’s a keeper in the boat!-Yeah! It’s a keeper!And he swallered it!Ah, he swall- I
let him swaller it. -‘Swaller’ it?-Told you. They
were right there. Folks, we finally
caught us a keeper!I don’t believe it!-Finally caught us a fish!-Yay!-Is he 12 inches?-Uh, yeah, I think they
have to be, what, 13?Yeah, he’s that. -Awesome. It’s good to get
on the board. -I got it out. Thank you buddy.
-Good job, good job. -I got it out!Tell you what, as bad
as the fishing is today,we’ll take him, huh?-Johnny puts us
on the board!-You bet baby!Wild West: we’re not
going to go in skunked!It’s tough fishing, folks!I’ll tell you what, I
ended up having to go tomy Senko. It’s usually a great
pre-spawn bait, man. He’ll weigh one. . -32. -38. I’ll take it. . Red. -Yeah, anything
will go right now. -Yeah, let’s get him
in the live well. -And to think there’s
people out there putting20 pounds in the boat. -And I got these
‘clippie’ things here,that don’t poke a
hole in the fish. I love it. Love it love it love it. -That’s gotta be the
very first fish for yourbrand-new boat. -It is, look at that!Isn’t that beautiful?You know when
all else fails. . when all else fails
folks, in the-this time of year,you can usually go to a-
a Senko- a wacky Senko orsomething if you can
find an area to fish it. We finally had to
get out of the wind. We’ve been
throwing reaction. We’re not doing
any good on it. -No. -And I’m like, enough’s
enough. . I gotta put somefish in the boat. So I went to something I’m
confident in, for sure. You know, at this
point- you know, when we came up the river,
we figured we’re at best,
probably going
to get us a. .
what? A 12 pound bag or something?But we’ve seen big fish
back here in the past. -Yep. -Just that wacky Senko. Boy, and he swallowed it. Which tells me
that’s a good sign. That’s a-that’s a good
sign, Drew. All right, son. -Hey brother, we’re on
the board, good job!-We’re on the board, baby!I feel good we
caught a fish. It’s been what,
three hours?-Yeah. That’s a long spell
with nothing happening. -And you caught, what,
seven or eight fish inhere yesterday
on reaction. -Yeah, throwing
a chatter bait. I thought for sure that’d
be the ticket again today,but that has
not panned out. -By the way, thanks for
the awesome wrap, buddy, on the brand-new
Z21 Nitro boat.
-Pro package. -And I’m loving- I am so
loving that four stroke
Mercury. -That’s an amazing
engine, isn’t it?
The power? With the three of
us in the boat,
your popping out of the
hole like it’s nothing.
-Oh I know, yeah. I’m not dogging,
that’s for sure. -There’s one! Get the net!Oh, that’s a
good fish, too!That’s a good fish. I told you- I told you. -Where are you, Johnny?-I told you!I just needed some time. -Bring him to me, I
can’t see nothing. -Yeah baby!-That’s a good one!Heck yeah. Boy, he’s long and skinny.
That one spawned out, huh?-Uh. . -I’ll take him, baby. -I don’t know, but
we’ll take him. -Good job good job. Right in the nose. -That’s the deal: is
they’re hanging on thesebluffs. -Good job. It’s the only time
I’ve touched a fish! -Little ‘Senko’ bass. 2 1/2 pounds,
I’ll take him!Blue. He was hungry. That fish was hungry. And the other one’s
screaming in there,’I need a friend’!There’s two. Maybe they’re just
gonna start hitting now. You know, it’s really-
it’s really crazy, folks. It’s- we’ve tried reaction
and everything but I-these fish are just
really lethargic. This wind is terrible. We found an area where we
can get back and do somefishing. It’s gonna be the ticket,
and it’s kind of bluffyhere. What’s the depth of
water we’re sitting in?8 foot. So a little bit deeper
water in the channels,here. That’s- you know- gives
us something, anyway. We’ve got three
more to catch, Drew. -There we go!-Swing him in!-I need a net, brother!I barely have
a hold of him. -All right, bring
him up, bring him up. Easy does it. Got him! Way to go, son!-Ouch, ouch!That’s a good smallie. -All right, you got him?-I think so. -Hey. . Great job, Drew!What’d you catch him on?-Blink of an eye. -Huh?-Lipless baby, lipless!I barely had- had him. -He popped you
out of the grass?-Yeah, he was in the
grass right here. That’s a good
fish, brother. That’s our biggest
fish today. -That’s beautiful. Beautiful bass, buddy!-Man, he popped that
thing right at the boat. -He did?-Yeah, right here. -All right. Well, you got that
thing on- yeah. -Spot lock. -Let me get the bait in. Nice job, Drew. -Not something I would
throw very often,but I got some confidence
in throwing that liplessevery now and then, just
ripping it off the bottom. -We did that at
Bartlett, remember?-Yeah, that’s exactly
what we did at Bartlett. -I need to get under
you in a minute. Look at that fish, folks. A rattletrap
bass, right there. -Sorry, but I
needed a net. -No, you’re fine, brother. You’re fine. When you said he was
barely hooked, man,I’m like, ‘oh,
we’re in trouble’. -Yeah. -It- the line got wrapped
around- I don’t like thatthere. -Yeah, I’m gonna put the-
put a different mount on that thing. Brand-new, it
came like that.
-Yeah, I got wrapped
around there and I
couldn’t get it off. Good to have a fish. -Got him in the
well of the boat.
Three seven- Oh. . 322. Yellow. There’s fish number three. We need two more. We got time- we got time. -Whew-ee. -Keep doing what
you’re doing,I’m gonna do what I do. Look at that. -The combination of the
two should do somethingfor us. -Oh. . Tripping all
over the camera gear!We’re not sight fishing
today folks, but by golly,we have a few fish anyway. Maybe the fishing will
get a little better. -Give me some
love on that!-Good job, son! Good job. -Feels good to be
back in the game. -Hey, you catch
a fish like that,
and we are back
in the game.
-Yeah, there’s
grass right here,
I can feel it down there. -Huh? We’ll just sit
right here a minute.
Is that what you did? -Yeah, I ripped it
through the grass.
There’s grass down there. Ha!-Good job, son. Good job. -Yeah, it’s good
to be on the board. I’ve gone all day without–You’re on the board!With your reaction. -Without a single
bite or anything. -You like throwing
that reaction. -Yeah. Sometimes you can go all
day and get no kind ofreaction. -You just made my day. You just made my day.
Good job. We’re on this point, and
there’s some grass rightoff this point. Those smallies will get
up in that grass, now. -Man, he hit
that thing hard. I actually thought that
fish was bigger just fromthe way it hit, but I’ll
take a three pounder any day. -I’m with you. -Get the net!-Got him?-Yeah, we got another one. He’s not a giant,
but he’ll do. -Where we at?Which way you going
with him, boss?-Oh. . Don’t you
come off there!-It’s good to
have him, baby. Good to have him. -He’s a keeper. -Yeah. Bring him up to me. -I think he’s a keeper. What’s he have to be?-He’s a smallie. He’s gotta be 13
inches, mouth open. -He’s probably. . He’s probably 13. -That’ll be close,
but give it a shot. -Let’s check, man. We need him. I don’t care. Little Senko bass!He’s gotta be 13?-Yeah. -I don’t know. Oh, even with the
mouth closed, he’s 13. We’re good. We got him. Four. Fish number four, buddy. -Give me some-
where you at?You left me hanging!-Sorry, man!Buck 24, green. Green. One more. One more and we’ll
have a limit, son!-We can relax
a little bit,then we gotta
go hog hunting. -Then we gotta
go hog hunting. Well, the new Nitro
live wells are awesome. They’re doing a good
job for us today. First time in use. -Yep. -With the new design. -These boats just keep
getting better and better. I’ve always loved my
Nitros, but man, this Z21,Z21 elite, these are
some beautiful boats. -Oh, I love it. -And that four
stroke in the back. There’s three of
us in the boat,
and you can feel the
power in this thing.
-Real quick: the rig that
I’m throwing on this wacky
Senko’s real simple. It’s- I’m using
a nanofil line. That neutral
buoyancy line. It’s white. So I can see the- see
everything popping it. And then uh. . oh man. I got a. . Ooh. . I was lucky
to get him in. I got a fray like
you wouldn’t believe. You always feel
your line for frays. Boy, I gotta retie that. But. . Yeah, they’re up there. They’re in that
stuff right there. We’re gonna get
another one. One of us a gonna
get that fish. That last fish. But then I’m using a 10
pound fluorocarbon line. So I’ve got the
nanofil white line. I can see it when it lays
across the water as thebait falls. So if the bait gets
hit on the way down,
I can watch the ‘tick’. Plus, I can really feel
the bite with this Taipan
rod. It’s awesome. You know they- they make
them right there in Yuma. And this rod’s just
an awesome rod. This one here is a 7 foot. Medium action. Perfect for the wacky
Senko, let me tell you. Perfect. I’m using a 2/0. I went to a 2/0, hoping
for those bigger fish tohit. A lot of times
I’ll throw a 1/0,but I went to a 2/0. Little bit bigger
hook on that. And I’m using a little
rubber band right inthere. And you can pick those up,
put it right in the middleof the bait,
just like so. . and catch them. And what I did, was I put
a little tungsten weightin the end of it so it’ll
get down there a littlequicker and I can
feel the bottom. With this wind, you gotta
have a little bit ofweight in it. Hard to throw
it weightless. -Good job
brother, good job. -Yeah. What pound test line
are you using on that,and what size rod
are you using?-Uh, you know what?This is a Taipan rod. Again, I love these rods. 7 foot four. It’s got a medium
action with a fast tip,and it really lets me whip
that bait off the bottom. -Little pebbled
rock in this area. You can see. Look at this point. So we’ve got grass that
he’s catching them out of,and we’ve got a little
bit of that pebbled rock,and those smallmouth
like that. -Well, we gave it our all. The wind did die
down out here, which. . -It did die down.
-Killing me. I wish we would’ve been
out here sooner, but. It is what it is. We tried hard. We’ve got four fish
in the boat right now. We’ve gotta start
working our way in. -We need that one fish. One more fish. -If we get- if we get a
minute or two in there,then you know, we
get a minute or two. But we gotta go and at
least get close now,because we’re- we’re
really riding the timeright now. So stay tuned. We’re gonna see what we
can’t do at weigh-in. And Uh, Andrew, we tried. -Hey, we’ve caught
some fish today. -It’s tough, man. -I wish we would’ve
done better. It’s- you gotta make
those decisions. We decided to
stay in the river,and looks like that
bit us in the butt. But with the wind
the way it was,what would we have done?-You never know. We’ll give it a shot. Let’s go in there and
see if we can get closeenough, maybe throw a
drop shot somewhere and. -All right, let’s go. -Let’s go make it happen. We didn’t give ourselves
enough time out here. -Well, it’s been
a beautiful day. Wind’s been crazy but,
thankful to be out herewith you, my brother. It’s always a blessing. -Yeah, it’s been
fun, brother. Let’s go do it.
We’re going to go. -I just wish we
could’ve done better. -Head to weigh-in. weigh-master:
-Alrighty. Alrighty guys. As always, Johnny
Johnson, Andrew Napoleon. Let’s see what we have
here for a total weight. 9. 26 pounds. Little tough?-Uh, you know, it was
tough for us today. Uh, that’s only four fish. We uh, we lost
the last one. It was about an
eight or 10 pounder. And it just came off. Came off in the weeds. I’m making that excuse. Don’t laugh!I’m telling you how it is. Every time you lose a
fish, it’s a big one,right folks? I mean,
you know. . -Well Johnny, we always
appreciate your stories. Whether they’re
true or lies,we still appreciate them. We’ll see you guys
at the next one. Thank you so much. Thank you. Well folks, 926. And Uh, we lost
one fish today. -Big fish. -Yeah, that’s what I
told them on stage. -Lost a ‘big’ fish. -I was just joking. It wasn’t that big. But we had a good time. I always like
fooling around, but. What a tough- what a tough
fishing- actually, week,it was for us
here at Havasu. The weather’s really
shut them down. And uh, even our buddy
Matt, he’s got, what, 14 pounds?
-Dan Zehring got 13,
I’m proud of those guys.
I don’t know what the
weights are going to panout to be. -We had 926. That’s not bad,
considering how badfishing was for us. -We’ll take the points. And I know a few of the
Lake Havasu sticks that Italked to on the water
today had like one or twofish. It was tough, but. . You know, we’ll be
somewhere probably midpack, but we sure had a
good- I had a good timefishing with you. -It’s always a
blessing, man. I really appreciate- I
have so much fun with youon the water. There’s so many different
sides to this man,you’ll never know it, but. What a great-. -You’re never gonna know. -What a great time
on the water, man. I love fishing with
you, it’s a blessing. And just a
beautiful day now. Look it: nice and calm,
everything’s great. -The wind finally
calmed down. We don’t have to go
up and get beat up. But I want to thank Wild
West Bass for a great tournament. They always run
a top-notch show.
Look forward to fishing
the next one at Lake
Pleasant. But thanks for joining
us on the show.
And Andrew, thank you
for being on the show.
-What a blessing it was.
Thank you so much. -And thanks for the
beautiful new wrap on thenew boat. -Absolutely. A&M graphics,
doing great stuff. -Stop by A&M graphics
if you need anything. Thanks for joining
us on the water. We’ll see you next week,
I’m Johnny Johnson.

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