Fishing with the Pros – Part 1 “The Lakes”

Bull Shoals and Table Rock lakes are among
the most
popular fishing destinations in the Midwest. Located in southwest Missouri near Branson,
both enjoy national reputations for excellent black bass fishing. >> King: Lake’s got all species in it,
not just largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. It’s got white bass, all kinds of catfish, bluegill, great crappie. Our crappie population in this lake
has exploded the last couple of years;it’s better than it’s been in a long, long time. And, so there’s lots of opportunities
to catch fish here on Table Rock and I try to get out
and enjoy it every chance I get. >> Clunn: Another little guy; that’s a little spot. That’s one of the neatest things about the Ozarks lakesis you never know from cast to cast
you’re going to catch a spotted bassor a largemouth or, you know, or a smallmouth. And there’s not too many lakes
you can say that about throughout this countryand I’ve been lucky enough to fish a lot of them. >> King: There he is, guys. Come up and jump for us. Not too big, but a fighter.
Another spotted–Oh, he got off!
Quick release. Those spotted bass are fighters;
I tell you I love to catch those things. One day I’ll tell you I love largemouth
the best,
the next day it’ll be smallmouth,and now it’s spotted bass.

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