Fishing with the Pros – Part 5 “The Fish”

>> That smell is probably one of my favorite
of all, the smell of the largemouth bass. >> King: I got him.
That’s a smallmouth, pretty little smallmouth. >> Webb: There he is. >> King: Got that one. >> Snowden: See that is a nice, healthy Kentucky bass. >> Webb: Here he comes.
Taking some drag; isn’t he?>> King: Another nice smallmouth. >> Webb: That’s a nice spotted bass right there. >> Clunn: We’ve fished it for about an hour and a
this morning and we’ve caught several spotted bass, several largemouth,
and now the trifecta here, the smallmouth. Those are such incredible fish. >> King: Oh, there’s one. Got that one, he’s not too big but I’ve got him. Oh, he come off. That was a spotted bass there. >> Snowden: Came right out of that little stickup. >> What you got there?
>> Snowden: That’s a Kentucky. The easiest way to tell this is a Kentucky
is he
has a rough patch on his tongue. You can rub your index finger over his tongue
feel it’s a little rough. Another way to tell is his lower jaw
does not extend past his eye. A largemouth, the lower jaw when closed
would extend past the eye. And then they also have a little different coloration
than the largemouth. >> Webb: There he is. Whoa! Holy Moly! Come here.
Come here. Good fish. Pretty fish. This is a pretty average spotted bass here.
He’s probably 14 inches. On most Missouri lakes this would be a keeper. Table Rock, however, has a 15 inch limit on all bass. Bull Shoals on Kentuckies and spotted bass I think it’s 12. And the way these Kentucky’s school up
you can go
three or four hours without a bite and then catch five or six in 30 minutes. There he is. Little one. That’s a small one there, but he’s fun. Come here. I’ll let you go.
I’ll put you right back in there. That right there is a good sign
for the few years down the road, going to have more fish to catch. Look how healthy that fish looks. >> King: Another nice smallmouth. Caught that one in the same tree
I caught that
other one a little while ago. Be still. Be still. Going to release her back.
Pretty smallmouth. There are jillions of them in here that size. That means we’re going to have
a great fishery here for years to come. Smallmouths are such wonderful fighters
and just such beautiful fish. I love to catch smallmouths. I love to catch largemouth and Kentuckies too,
but the smallmouth is probably my favorite. >> Sainato: We moved here in 1969
to Missouri right here on Table Rockand I’ve been fishing it ever since. And I love this area here, it’s just,
I’ve fished here for this long, and this lake just keeps getting better. There’s a lot of fishing pressure here,
but I catch a lot of fish here. And it’s a great lake, it really is. Bull Shoals is another lake that has really come on
for smallmouth fishing in Missouri. Every year it just keeps getting better
and better down there, and bigger fish.

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