Fly Fishing In South Florida Canals For Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass, and Cichlids!

In today’s video I decided to challenge myself to fish only fly fishing gear. It is challenging for me to use fly gear and spinning gear together because eventually I won’t fish fly at all and fish spinning gear. So what I did is I only brought my fly rod, leaving me no choice but to fish fly.

I use a wide variety of flies depending on where I am fishing and what I am targeting. One of my all time favorite flies to tie and fish is a clouser minnow. Especially in all white. It is a very versatile fly that can be used for many different species of fish in freshwater and saltwater. In general I find that white flies work very well in many situations.

My goal as a fisherman is to challenge myself to new things and fly fishing is still a very new style of fishing to me. Although I have learned many things since I started about 1 year ago, there is so much I still need to learn and expand my knowledge. Trying to use different ways of catching fish is challenging but it is so rewarding.

I’m hoping over the years I will become better and better at fly fishing. Ultimately, helping me become a better fisherman overall. I will be doing some saltwater fly fishing very soon on the beach so stay tuned.


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