Garmin Panoptix LiveScope Real Demo | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with BassResource. com and I’m
here with Cliff Prince on his boat. We’re trying out the new Garmin LiveScope,
sonar unit. This thing is incredible. Cliff’s been showing me this and I’m speechless. It’s like video games. You’re watching live video. It’s not showing past history. It’s showing live. And you can point it anywhere you want. You mount it to your trolling motor. Tell me…you’ve been using this more than
me. So tell me a little bit more about it. Cliff: Well, you know that what’s real cool
about this transducer that makes this happenis it’s got three positions on it where you
can actually view what’s in front of you,or in front of you and under you, or all completely
under you. It’s got three different settings on the side
of the troll motor which we’ll show you herein a minute. And what I found that’s really interesting
is when you’re trolling down there, there’sthe grass line, you can actually see these
fish and see them moving and see which directionthey’re going, and you can actually throw
your bait and see it fall down to them andactually watch them swim up and eat it. And I actually got to do that in South Dakota
at the last Elite Event and the more I’veplayed with it – I’ve only had it for a
couple of weeks – and the more I play withthis, it’s gonna be a must have. It’s really gonna be something that you’re
gonna have to have to compete at the levelthat I compete at. Glenn: This is absolutely incredible, and
we’ll show you video while I’m talking aboutthis. Like Cliff said, you can actually watch your
bait, you can see the fish react to it, whichthen you can adjust your style of fishing. You can adjust the height, the depth that
you’re fishing at, the speed, if you’re stopand go. You can see that they react to it and if it’s
working or not. And not only that, but you can see, we’ve
got that all these depth finders and fishfinders on the boat, it doesn’t use a whole
lot of battery power. So you’re not gonna be draining your batteries
all day long, which is awesome. And as you mentioned, this is the first transducer
I’ve ever seen that you can actually adjustit while you’re on the water to point in the
direction that you want to. That’s a huge difference now. Cliff: Oh, yeah. Any other transducer’s always been hard-mounted
and you’ve never been able to use, you know,different settings on it. And I just wanna say that’s what makes this
very unique is because if you’re wanting tovertical fish, you can adjust it and face
it straight down. But if you want to fish out front of the boat
but in a shallow situation, you can. And it’s live. That’s what’s really cool about it. You can actually see them swimming. You can actually see which way they’re going
and I mean, it’s going to be a game changer. Glenn: Absolutely. So this is a sneak peek at it. it’s not available in stores right now, but
it will be this fall of 2018. Watch for it. You guys are gonna love this stuff. It’s addictive. You can sit there and your face is staring
at the screen the whole time. It’s really fun, but it is gonna change the
way you fish. Check it out.

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