How to Attract Sponsors Using Social Media Growth

How to Attract Sponsors Using Social Media Growth


I work in the fishing industry for my son’s company, Modern Outdoor Media of Nixa Missouri!

My job is to show fishermen and women how to attract sponsors by using social media to get noticed!

I talk with hundreds of fishermen every month, and their number one question is ‘how can I get sponsored to fish’?

There’s more than 1 answer to this question but if we had to break it down into 2 or 3, here would be the order of importance!

  1. Win or Place high in major fishing tournaments!
  2. Have thousands of fishing followers for vendors to ‘sell to’!
  3. Spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours promoting yourself; and you’ll still need items 1 & 2!!
  4. OR, both 1 & 2 will work also!

We’ve helped dozens of fishermen/women get noticed by helping them grow hundreds of followers a month, and expose their content and account to over 1 million (yes, that’s 1,000,000) outdoor accounts we influence socially.

Before you contact me, please go watch this 60 second video to help you understand what we’re trying to do for you and how we’ll accomplish that. Feel free to browse my Youtube channel if you like videos of lots of different fishermen and women catching ‘bass’!!

Click anywhere on this link, Largemouth Bass Nation on Youtube; What we do at GetSponsoredtoFish. Watch the complete video and then check out the website link in the description, thoroughly.   Then get a hold of me via Direct Message on Instagram @getsponsoredtofish from the account that you want to grow with and we’ll figure out a plan to best fit your needs! My name is Randy Yancey, National Fishing Category manager for my son Westin’s (IG @westinyancey) company, Modern Outdoor Media of Nixa, Missouri!

Goodluck and Tight Lines, Randy Yancey, Bass Fisherman, Springfield, Missouri!


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