How To Catch Bass on CHEAP Fishing Lures – LEARN to Fish Cheap!

Can you catch Big Bass on cheap fishing lures? YES! I suggest learning how to fish on cheap lures FIRST! I have caught many quality fish on this $15 Lews Spinning combo and it is still going strong. In this video I am using cheap stick baits (senkos) that I purchased from Academy Sports for $1.50. As beginners we all make mistakes, and mistakes can damage a rod, reel, the line, or lures. Sometimes we break them in a car door, or we watch them sink to the bottom. Losing lures on snags happens all the time. Using cheap gear while you learn will help you save money for the expensive gear later. That’s when you will understand the subtle differences. So here I am catching a few nice bass on the $1 lures, including one TOAD of a bass! The bass catches are also adding up on the $15 combo too. You want to catch big bass? Learn how to fish! It’s not the expensive gear, it’s you!


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