How to Fish a Jig for Bass by 1Rod1ReelFishing

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Lures Used: Strike King Hack Attack Jigs and SK hack attack heavy cover swim jig (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 ounce blk/blu, green pumpkin, and white)

Combo Used: Shimano antares dc (40 lb sufix 832 braid) with g loomis glx mbr783C

Camera Gear:
Gopro Hero 3 black
Chest Mount


What will a jig bite feel like?
1. a single thump
2. a slight "tick" (usually when a bass eats it on the fall)
3. bait will suddenly feel "mushy" and you will lose contact with it
4. you will see your line move to the side

Effective in water temps 37 degrees and up
Ideal conditions – fishing around structure, cover, contours
Where not to fish the bait – shallow + clear water, open water

As mentioned rock piles are a superb area to target in warm cloudy conditions due to increased crawfish activity. But also be sure to fish rock piles in cold sunny conditions because they will attract heat and ultimately fish since the area around the rocks will be a few degrees warmer than surrounding waters.

Be sure to make multiple casts (up to 15) to isolated targets such as laydowns, stumped, pilings, ect. at various angles to entice inactive fish to bite.

Swim jig – sweeping hookset preferred
Flipping jig – vertical hookset preferred

Colors for swim jig – white to imitate shad, green pumpkin/watermelon colors to imitate bluegill

Colors for flipping jig – green pumpkin in clear water/sunny conditions
black/blue in stained/muddy water or cloudy conditions

1/4 ounce swim jig: 1-3 FOW 12-15 lb fluoro or 20-40 lb braid. 6'6" medium or medium heavy rod
3/8 ounce swim jig: 2-6 FOW 12-15 lb fluoro or 20-40 lb braid 6'6" or 7' medium or medium heavy rod
1/2 ounce swim jig: 3-8 FOW 14-20 lb fluoro or 20-50 lb braid 6'6" or 7' medium heavy rod

3/8 ounce flipping jig: 1-8 FOW 15-20 lb fluoro or 30-60 lb braid 7' medium heavy rod
1/2 ounce flipping jig: 2-12 FOW 17-25 lb fluoro or 30-80 lb braid 7' medium heavy rod
3/4 ounce flipping jig: 4-20 FOW 17-25 lb fluoro or 40-80 lb braid 7' or 7'6" medium heavy or heavy rod
(In windy conditions, increase weight of flipping jigs to maintain bottom contact)


Location: Font Hill Wetland Park, Ellicott City, Maryland
Date: June 22, 2015

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