How to Fish a Tube and Worm for Big Stripers

What a beautiful morning, we’re here in Woods
Hole. Not the easiest place in the world to fish. It’s August. A lot of people associate this time of year
with tough striper fishing, but with the tubeand worm, you can hang in that deeper water
and you can stay right where the fish are. You can fish deeper water and just have a
perfect presentation. When I’m tubing, I like to fish a pre-measured
amount of lead core line. In this case, we’ve got about 125 feet. A lot of lead core lines have the color system. I just like the short piece and then I go
straight into the braid backing. That allows for easy dropping on fish, when
we go over a fish in deeper water. Then I always know how much line is behind me when
I’m trolling. The greatest test of willpower and self discipline
is to troll these tubes, if you’re holdingthe rod, and not set the hook. If you get a hit and they hit the tube up
on the head, what happens is when you’re trolling,the striper actually slides down the tube
and hangs on your stinger hook. If you set the hook during that process, you
can pull the tube right out of their mouth. See how I have it braced here on my torso,
and it’s a nice steady grip on the rod. When the fish hits it, I’m just going to hold
it tight and wait until the line comes offthe reel. Once you start getting drag, you’ll know you’re
good to go. One of the reasons why I like holding the
rod is, especially if I’m fishing by myself,if I do end up taking the boat out of gear
to drop back on a large fish or pile of fish,I’m able to drop back and I have total movement
with the outfit. That looks like a whole lot of scup, but there
are some big targets down there. I’m just gonna take the boat out of gear,
and with that 40-pound test braid, I’m justgonna drop the tube on top of the fish. Where the weight is distributed across the
first half of the tube, it has a uniform sink. It has a very natural presentation. What we find with these SI tubes is that we
get a lot of hits on the drop. Sort of a tough hook set. We’re in 30 feet of water, we’re using fast-sinking
fly line, but lead core works great. We have a long 40-pound test fluoro leader
tied direct to the tube. We have a ball bearing swivel on the tube
so that allows for free-spinning and you won’tget any line twists. We’re just gonna bump in and out of gear. We’re trolling with the current. With the tubes, the name of the game is slow
as it goes and close to the bottom. With this 40-pound test braid, and with us
popping in and out of gear, I know for a factwe’re real tight to the bottom. You’ll notice with this outfit, I use a musky
rod with a nice trigger grip. This is an Avet reel with a 6:1 gear ratio. When you’re trolling with the tubes, you’re
in a lot of weedy areas, a lot of mussel bedsand that kind of stuff. Fishing the way we are today where we’re in
and out of gear, touching bottom, you pickup a lot of weed and dirt and mussels and
whatnot. I like the high gear ratio reels because they’re
very easy, and fast I should say, reel inand check your bait. Oh!We got a hit on the other rod. Feels like bottom right now. Yeah that’s a fish. It’s getting whacked over there. You’ll notice that I didnt set that hook,
I just let it hit, hit, hit and take line. Striper. We are in Woods Hole here so I have to keep
an eye on what’s going on. Nice little chunky striper. That’s a nice fish. Dog days of summer, August, not that early
in the morning, we’re catching healthy stripers. You’ll notice that they like these big tubes. It still has its magical bend. That’s a great fish. Nice easy way. You’ll notice that even after catching that
fish, the pre-formed bend we have inside thetube, you’ll notice that it still has its
perfect bend in the tube. We’ve designed the formed part inside to be
in sort of a helix shape and it has a bitof a spring factor. Even after catching a large fish, it’ll always
go back into the water in its original shape.

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