How to Fish Jigging Spoons Full Tutorial

In this video I go into full detail on how to catch fish with jigging spoons. Right now this is one of the most effective baits you can throw so check it out, learn out to fish the spoon and get out there and catch a mess of fish!
Learn why the fall is the most important part of spoon fishing, several dynamite retrieves that will up your fish catch, spoons that have been effective for me, all of the different fish species I’ve caught on a spoon, how to cover water quickly by using a spoon and much much more!

About Fishden365: This channel was created by Den Haring and is all about the art and science of fishing, especially bass fishing. New content and videos will be added twice weekly. This channel is meant to be educational and fun. Certified Bassified!! Family and friends will be included in upcoming videos.

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