How to Fish Weightless Senkos Shallow for Bass

Whenever I’m fishing a Senko around shallow
water cover, what I like to look for is afew different things. Obviously any type of
cover, whether it be wood or grass stickingout of water are going to be your targets
to hit. Also, if the sun gets up as well youwant to key in on the shade areas. Whether
it be a dock pylon, or a lay down coming inthe water. My first cast is always going to
be to the shady side of that piece of coverbecause a lot of times that’s where I get
bit. So I’ll key in on those areas but I won’tneglect the rest of the cover just because
it’s not necessarily in the shade. If youhave a lay down coming into the water you’ll
want to hit both the deep end, middle part,and the shallow end of it. I’ll tend to hit
them in that order for the simple fact thatI don’t want to cast up shallow into the skinniest
part of the cover and if I catch a fish notonly are my chances of landing it going to
be more difficult than if I were to get biton the outside of the piece of cover. But
if there’s any other fish holding around it’sgoing to disrupt fish that our maybe hanging
on the deeper side of it. For that reasonI like to hit deeper first, then make my way
shallower. For tackle, if I’m fishing in heaviercover I want to use stout tackle. I’ll use
a iRod Air 703 or 704 medium heavy or heavyaction rod and generally 17-20 pound Seaguar
InvizX. I like to use a straight shank OwnerTriple X 4/0 hook for my Senko fishing. I
feel like I Loose less fish on it than anoffset brand or a EWG style personally. “You’re
fishing an EWG one time and you have two fishjump off which might be a freak thing and
your like wanna know what, I’m going to astraight shank and it doesn’t happen forever
and your like oh the straight shank is better. “Like you said you have more confidence in
it. What’s good about fishing a Senko aroundshallow cover is that you can definitely hit
a lot of areas, and hit a lot of differentpieces of cover in a short amount of time.
It doesn’t take you long to fish. This isprimarily a drop bait so right here we’re
fishing in about 2-3 feet of water. So you’rejust going to pitch it out there, let it sink
for a few seconds, let it do its thing, andyou’re watching your line the whole time.
Because a lot of times you won’t feel thebite cause there will be a little bit of slack
in your line but you will see your line jumpor just tick and a lot of times that’s
when you get bit. So it’s important to bea line watcher in this situation. Another thing you want to do with your presentation
is when you pitch or cast your Senko in andaround the cover, you want to make as little
of splash possible. It’s fairly easy to makea clean presentation because the Senko doesn’t
weight a whole lot. So when it hits the wateras long as you feather your spool a little
bit you can make it land with a big splash. Another important thing with a Senko is make
sure after you make your pitch or your cast,you want to pull just a little bit of line
off of your spool. That way you can ensurethe Senko is falling on a complete slack line
so it doesn’t affect the action at all.

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