How to Modify Topwater Frogs for Bass Fishing

Hi Dean Rojas here and I want to talk to you
a little bit about how to modify your frog. Now this is our Poppin’ Frog right out of
the package like you would purchase at GanderMountain or any of your retailers. Some of
the things that I get asked all about is howdo you modify the Poppin’ Frog or how do you
modify the regular Bronzeye Frog. Basicallythe bait is ready to go right out of the box.
Of course being a professional we always haveto tinker with it, try to make it better,
increase the hookup ratio, and all that stuff. It’s fine out of the package; it’s got great
compression and super sharp Gamakatsu hooks. But for this one here (this is the Poppin’
Frog in the Killer Gill color) it’s a greatwalking bait. It’s a chugger walk type back and
fourth. But the legs are a little long whichisn’t a bad thing, but for me I like to really
get it to walk from side to side. So for mewhat I like to do is I like to trim the legs
back a little bit and usually I take aboutan inch off each one. We’ll cut that off right
there and you can see the difference on thefrog itself with the length and so fourth.
So we’re going to take the other side andcut them off just exactly the same length.
So now you have a proportioned frog. The wayI always like to judge that is if you were
to take the strands and bring them up to thefront of the frog that’s kind of the gauge
on where you want to be. That’s the gaugethat I use for the lengthwise. You want them
to be up front towards the head so you havea well-proportioned frog. That’s the first
modification that I do. The frogs may verya little bit on where the hook is positioned
in the back, but a lot of times when I’m practicingI’ll bend them forward because I don’t want
to hook anything. But when it’s game timeI usually take a pair of pliers and I’ll open
up the bend on it a little bit just to whereit’s just grazing the very top of the bait
itself. As you can see I can run my fingeracross this side here and I can run my finger
on this side and it’s going to get hung upthere. So I’m going to take it on the other
side, again taking the pillars and grabbingahold of the hook, and you’re taking the bait
itself and bending the hook up. Now what we’vedone is we’ve increased the hook up ratio
because we’ve increased the bite by a couplecentimeters. But all of that will help you
in getting a few more bites. You may get hungup a little bit more, but it’s going to help
in your hook up ratio. So keep that in mind. But those are only the two altercations that
I do with the frog. This one is tournamentready and I feel 100% confident to throw this
on tour and in tournament competition becauseI know I’ve done all the right modifications
to it to catch the big ones.

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