How To Revive A Fish The Right Way | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com.
When I hear about people who want to revivea fish, or how to revive a fish, or when I’m
out there fishing with people and I see themtry to revive fish, I see a common problem.
What they’ll do is they’ll take that fish,put him in the water, and gently rock him
back and forth, pushing the water throughhis gills to try to get him to revive and
then will let him go. Now, everybody’s got good intentions in doing
that, but don’t do it that way and here’sthe reason why. Those gills, they’re designed
for the water to come through the mouth andout the gills, one way, one direction only,
that’s how nature made it. So if you try toforce the water to go in backwards, there’s
the potential there that you can damage thegills. Not gonna say it happens all the time,
but in talking to a lot of biologists outthere, a lot of fishery biologists, they’ve
always told me that no, you don’t wanna forcethe water backwards because that has a potential
to damage the gills. So you may be well intentionedand actually end up hurting them not even
knowing it. So the best way to do it, according to the
biologists, is keep them going forward, grabthe lower lip and just do a figure eight.
Just gently move them around in a figure eight,hold the lip real loosely and when the fish
is ready to go he’ll swim out of your handson his own. That’s how you do it. Hope that
tips helps. For more tips like this, visitBassResource. com.

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